Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hey!! this Saturday is World Car Free Day!!!

There will be a march on Queen street, Saturday night at 5pm starting at Trinity Bellwood Gates.

You can find more info Here!

Hope to see you there for the Parade.

I had a great banjo night last night. I went and improvised with a room full of dancers (also improvising). It was really fun. I felt a real connection to these people and what they were doing.

As the sun set the large studio got darker and darker with a few small, white lights for ambience and I could see the beautiful orangish moon in the sky too. I strolled around the room and felt like I was dancing with the dancers. So fun!!

Right after, I scooted over to a bluegrass jam that happened to be right around the corner. (yes, I love biking with my banjo on my back)

Almost went to hear bluegrass as the Silver Dollar after but made the wise choice of coming home and reading a bit. I feel good today as I needed the sleep.

Don't forget about the Cluttertones gig on Saturday night. I am really looking forward to that. (as well as my afternoon neighborhood gig the same day)
Sat Sept 22:
1pm, Shaw Street Festival (just North of Bloor) Tim Posgate and Friends (we will be picking some bluegrass and country tunes featuring Victor Bateman on guitar and vocals!

Rob Clutton's Cluttertones (lina allemano, ryan driver, t. posgate, r. clutton)
@Somewhere There

340 Dufferin St. (one block south of Queen (entrance from Melbourne Ave)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Open letter to the graduating class of l985 from Nelson High School in Burlington Ontario.
Hi there,

I understand that there is a reunion celebrating 50 years of the building that we call Nelson High. Unfortunatley I will not be able to attend.

I am feeling a little bit guilty about this as I was (I am sure few of you remember) your Valedictorian. It was a great honour for me to be given that title and I still mention it in casual conversation all the time. It also comes up at the weirdest times like recently I have been performing with singer/songwriter Bill Wood. Bill was a Nelson grad ten years before us and played in many rock bands back then and sounds great now..anyways, after a few gigs the Nelson topic come up and of course I mentioned I was a Val.

As I mentioned, I will not be making the trip to Burlington this weekend but a few friends will be getting together on the Friday this week to go hear our friend Steve Patterson play a gig here in downtown Toronto.

Steve and I played together in a number of bands in high school including Union Jack, Monolith Document, Drama and Listen.(some pretty corny names huh?)

Anyways, Steve is singing and leading his band this weekend at the Bier Market on the Esplanade near Church and Front St.

They start at 10pm and I will be heading down with some other grads of 85 including Sandy Bulchak, Steve Szigeti, Scott Bainbridge among others.

Hope to see you there. Drop me a line to say hi and I hope you all have a great time in Burlington this weekend!

your friend,
Tim Posgate

p.s. Maybe we should have a 25th anniversary of OUR graduating class in 2010...but I ain't organizing it.

It was a great day at the Concord St. Car Free Day today. If only life was always like that...people hanging out in/on the street, making music, laughing telling stories. A very social day for a little street in toronto.

I had fun as always playing music with bill wood and heard some good irish music too.

Please take note of this interesting gig I am doing wednesday. I will be doing solo banjo music while dancers improvise to the music.

It is a series run by Kathleen Rea and it sounds like a lot of fun. She even invites you to come for free the first time.

You can find more information about the "Wednesday Jam" here. It is right in my hood which I always love; 805 Dovercourt road; just North of College.

Please spread the word as it would be fun to see some familiar faces.

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