Thursday, September 20, 2007

I had a great banjo night last night. I went and improvised with a room full of dancers (also improvising). It was really fun. I felt a real connection to these people and what they were doing.

As the sun set the large studio got darker and darker with a few small, white lights for ambience and I could see the beautiful orangish moon in the sky too. I strolled around the room and felt like I was dancing with the dancers. So fun!!

Right after, I scooted over to a bluegrass jam that happened to be right around the corner. (yes, I love biking with my banjo on my back)

Almost went to hear bluegrass as the Silver Dollar after but made the wise choice of coming home and reading a bit. I feel good today as I needed the sleep.

Don't forget about the Cluttertones gig on Saturday night. I am really looking forward to that. (as well as my afternoon neighborhood gig the same day)
Sat Sept 22:
1pm, Shaw Street Festival (just North of Bloor) Tim Posgate and Friends (we will be picking some bluegrass and country tunes featuring Victor Bateman on guitar and vocals!

Rob Clutton's Cluttertones (lina allemano, ryan driver, t. posgate, r. clutton)
@Somewhere There

340 Dufferin St. (one block south of Queen (entrance from Melbourne Ave)


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