Monday, June 29, 2015

July Newsletter

Since my website has had a flashback to 2006 and I don't know when I will be rebuilding that sucker; I have been sharing most of my gig info here on my blog. So...welcome.
Tim Posgate’s “You-Snooze-You-Lose”-Newsletter              July 2015

So Long Seven are very excited to announce a last minute gig at Toronto’s infamous jazz club; The Rex! Sunday July 5 at 930 pm So Long Seven (formerly the Oolong 7) will perform with our special guest from Quebec; William Lamoureux on violin.  So Long Seven is Neil Hendry on guitar, Ravi Naimpally on tabla and yours truly on the five-string banjo.
We just finished our first recording (hopefully ready for a fall release) and can’t wait to play all of that music live.  For you!

Lucky me, I will also be at the Rex the night before (Saturday July 4) with Pianist Steve Koven’s group Project Rex. The fantastic lineup that night is Rob Clutton, Anthony Michelli and Dan Bone.  (I will be playing guitar on Saturday)

Thursday July 9, at 10pm at the Tranzac will be my debut with singer songwriter Collette Savard.  She is a lot of fun and I think it will be a really good band too!

You probably already know that I have been a member of Ronley Teper’s Lipliners for quite some time now. Well…now we are going for the big money at the Harbourfront music contest called Soundclash. Saturday July 11 from 5-530pm Bring your whole family and please only clap for the good guys! J

On August 1, The Cluttertones will be taking our show on the road to Montreal. I really hope you can tell all your friends that live there as it is our first time in the big M with the four of us together. We will be performing at La Passe and you can get more info here:

Have you heard the new Cluttertones record Ordinary Joy yet? I encourage you to buy it here, so we have enough money someday to make another one.

Happy summer everyone! (only ten weeks til’ hockey season)
Tim posgate

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Best Camp Ever: Rockband Hockey!

I am excited to announce that I am running The Best Camp Ever: Rockband Hockey this summer. I am not going to make any formal website or anything as this is the first year and we only need six kids to sign up. (starting small)

This will be so much fun and they will learn a lot about music and hockey.

tim posgate

Best Camp Ever: Rockband Hockey!

August 17-21
90 min rockband jam/instruction @ 422 shaw st. (10am-1130am)
120 min lunch/social time/supervised outdoor games etc and ttc to McCormick arena. (1130am-130pm)
90 minute hockey school (including daily shinny game) (130pm-3pm)
3:15pm pickup at arena

we will need 6 kids confirmed before end of June. (I will offer drop-in for the hockey portion for $25/90min session).

So the total is $300 for the week. 

no experience necessary for either part. (bit of skating and music experience will help)

People need to confirm with me by email before July 1. I will need $100 deposit (non-refundable) and the balance of $200 on the first day of camp.

May or may not be important for you to  know that I have been playing music professionally for almost 30 years, recorded 8 of my own CDs and toured clubs and music festivals coast to coast and internationally.  (In addition to 30 years of teaching private music lessons and at least a decade of camp leader experience)

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

summer private guitar/banjo lessons

If you were thinking of beginning to play the guitar this summer then I am your man.

While our music school The Little Workshop closes next week for the summer I will have more time for private lessons. You can come once, or once a week, every day. It all depends what you want. I also teach 5 string banjo.

I can teach both instruments at most levels and styles. I can even show you how to play the mandolin if you like.

Anyways, drop me a line or 416 530-0688.

We have parking here and are near college and Ossington.

Call now, call often! :)

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Pro musician becomes semi-pro beer leauge hockey player

Although I am right in the middle of one of my busiest musical times this year so far (gigs/rehearsals every night plus making a new record with So Long Seven this week!!) I am taking my hockey career up a notch.

Yes, now you can hire me to play in your beer league pick-up hockey game when you need a stay-at-home defenseman or a backchecking forward.

I am pretty inexpensive. Much cheaper than a rent-a-goalie. (hope their union doesn't come after me) However, it must be a downtown game as I bike to hockey with my gear on my back.

Here is my Craigslist ad:

Hockey Player Available

Stay-at-home Defenseman/backchecking forward available for pickup hockey games and or subbing in league games. Note: I am NOT a ringer. I am in good shape and love the game of hockey. (Heck, I am even "good in the room") Must be downtown (I bike or use TTC) $20/game
I am a full-time musician but I also teach hockey, coach hockey and run my own hockey school.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Websites, banjo and the stanley cup

Somehow I liked it better when my Guildwood Records website was non-functional. Now I have a very out of date website. Which is worse...hmmm.

I am practising for the So Long Seven studio sessions next week and will figure out such pressing questions after that. (and after they hoist the Stanley Cup! )


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Posgate Newsletter

Hi there, if you are not on my modest email list you may not have received this:

Hi Folks,
It’s been a long time since we rock ‘n rolled huh? Hopefully things are rockin’ on your end. I have a few fun things coming up so I thought I would send out my very irregular newsletter.
THIS SUNDAY, May 24 is a fun and exciting improvised music workshop that I am teaching at. Before you skip to the next item; you DO NOT NEED TO BE A MUSICIAN or have any experience with improvised music.  This will be a fun place to experiment, make sound, discuss, jam, learn and even give a short performance at the end. (contact me with any questions)
Featuring: Paul Dutton · Pete Johnston · Karen Ng · Tim Posgate
Sunday May 24 2015 · workshops 12pm · performance 7pm
The Tranzac Main Hall · 292 Brunswick ·
Workshop: $24 (Proceeds go to Workshop Leader Musicians)

It is always fun to perform with Ronley Teper and the Lipliners. Wednesday May 27 will be no exception when we play everyone’s favourite live music club; The Dakota (Ossington and Dundas) We are playing two sets and if that wasn’t enough our pal, Jaron Freeman-Fox will go on after us with his band The Opposite of Everything.
This just gets better and better because if you are tied up until June you can hear our new trio; So Long Seven at the Tranzac on Wednesday June 3. So Long Seven features Ravi Naimpally on tabla, Neil Hendry on acoustic guitar and myself on the five-string banjo. This will be a fun double-bill with another trio so new that they are “nameless” so far. This trio features Matt Fong on electric guitar, Chris Pruden on analog synth (that has a special name that I forget) and Lorenzo Castelli on drums. These guys are loud, weird and fun…kind of the opposite of So Long Seven (except for the fun part!)
Wednesday June 3, The Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto  
10pm, So Long Seven
11pm, Castelli, Pruden and Fong (maybe you can come and name them!)
If you are still reading (thanks) you may be interested to know that So Long Seven (formerly The Oolong 7) is going into the studio a week after this show to make our first record.  Watch for this to come out sometime when there is NHL hockey on tv (fortunately that is most months of the year) and note that Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar will be in our first video.  –t.p.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sue Deacon Cup (Hockey Fights Cancer!)

It is a beautiful spring day and I should really be thinking about playing banjo on the porch. However, my mind is occupied by something that I think is much more urgent. Almost two years ago one of the skaters I met at my women's hockey school the Joy of Hockey died of Ovarian cancer.

Sue Deacon was a special person and I feel lucky to have known her even if just for a short period near the end of her life. She had the hockey spirit. I had to kick her off the ice almost every week so the zamboni could come on and do it's work. Sue was always interested in feedback on her skills and wanted always be at her best.

Next weekend I am playing on a team called the Selects in the second annual Sue Deacon Cup to help keep Sue's spirit alive. Last year we raised $100,00 and I am hoping to help in raising more this year.

One of the things I like about this initiative (besides the fact that we have set up two fun days of hockey) is that we are fundraising as a team.

Hockey is a team sport and no team can win with just one allstar player (look at this year's Penguins) and cancer can't be beat without a team effort that includes you.

Because we are fundraising as a team I have a modest goal of raising $250 so small pledges help too. I am currently at 45% of my goal and hope you can help support our team in working together to help find a cure for Ovarian Cancer.

Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for your support.


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