Friday, February 05, 2016

February newsletter

Hi Ho…kermit the frog here;

It is February, there is no snow, but I am glad to say there is lots of music and hockey (for those of us who are addicted to such things)
This month as part of the Cluttertones I am involved in a special arts event that I think is going to be quite something.
Ordinary Joy is an album. 
Ordinary Joy is a dance piece.

This special presentation celebrates the release of Ordinary Joy by the Cluttertones in vinyl LP format on the Healing Power label, and is the debut of the dance that the music inspired.

Lina Allemano ~ Trumpet
Cassidy Bankson ~ Dance
Michael Caplan ~ Dance
Dawne Carleton ~ Choreography
Rob Clutton ~ Bass, Composition
Jolene Devoe ~ Dance
Ryan Driver ~ Analogue Synthesizer, Human Voice, Piano
Mariana Lafrance ~ Dance (Understudy)
Allison Peacock ~ Dance
Tim Posgate ~ Banjo, Guitar

Admission: free or by purchase of $15 ticket.
Because a great deal of work has gone into preparing for this event, we invite you to support the project with a $15 ticket price, to be purchased beforehand, either in person at Quixotic Sounds, or online (see Ticket URL, above) . Ticket holders will be guaranteed entrance to the show (event capacity is limited), the option of sightline-sensitive seating, and also qualifies for a discounted LP price of $10 instead of $20 (CD included with LP purchase). Any remaining tickets will also be available at the door.

Date/Time: This event will take place twice over the weekend. First on Saturday 20th of February at 10pm - doors at 9pm.
A Second time on Sunday 21st of February at 7:30pm - doors at 7pm

There will be adult beverages for sale.

Quixotic Sounds, 983 College St. (basement)
Also this month:
Thursday Feb 11,  10pm Collette Savard Band @ The Tranzac (playing electric guitar and fiddle!)
Fri Feb 19, 10pm, Ronley Teper and the Lipliners as part of the Somewhere There Creative Music Festival. (this was a great festival last year, check it out for sure!)
ALSO!!!!  So Long Seven CD launch at Hugh’s Room is Thursday March 31. Please make your dinner reservations and buy your advanced tickets now at:

Monday, December 14, 2015


Hi folks, 

top O' the holidays to ya. Those of you in Toronto this week taking advantage of the balmy Christmas weather might be interested the shows I am playing. 

One of the main reasons I play music is to have a positive effect on the people listening to us perform live. So come by for some live-music-pick-you-up. Ok?

Wednesday night at 10pm I am playing guitar at the Tranzac with the Collette Savard band. Good solid folk rock band! All original songs by Collette. pwyc

Thursday night the Cluttertones are playing a triple bill at Toronto's coolest new music venue; The Burdock, 830pm (1184 Bloor st. W). The triple bill includes one of my fave singer songwriter/banjoist John Millard. Also a solo percussion set by the wonderful and quirky Germaine Liu. (advance tickets $8, $10 at the door)

Friday night is our monthly gig at the Tranzac with Ronley Teper's Lipliners. Never the same, always insane. What can I tell you. 10:22pm start. Two sets! pwyc

Hope to see you,

tim posgate

ps. Our new CD; So Long Seven (banjo/tabla/violin/guitar) is available at Soundscapes (call first to make sure it is still in stock!) on College St. or you can get it at itunes 

Monday, November 09, 2015

Hello out there!

Today So Long Seven releases our CD on iTunes and launches our new website! (with new videos!) You can also buy the CD at Soundscapes in Toronto, 572 College St. Call first to make sure they have some in stock: 416 537-1620

You can buy it right now on iTunes. (only $8)

Type of music? Worldfolk. Do you have a better term for us?

So Long Seven:Ravi Naimpally /tabla, Neil Hendry/guitar, William Lamoureux/violin, tim posgate/banjo

Since our Release party is not until March 31, 2016 at Hugh’s Room (mark your calendars!) we are trying to create a big noise today by sharing all our online links with our friends and fans. Please help us spread the word by letting others know on social media.

Please contact Tim Posgate: if you would like a copy of the CD or a digitial download to review for your blog, newspaper, magazine etc.

FYI, So Long Seven is working on touring plans for summer 2016. Please contact Tim Posgate regarding our itinerary.

Thanks for listening to our music.

Tim posgate

Thursday, November 05, 2015

So Long Seven Video

Hey kids, look! It's So Long Seven...aaaahhhh!!! George, Paul John and Ravi play a little Swedish Death Metal. Well, at least that was my inspiration when I penned this little jam. It is called MSVR (my Swedish Viking Roots)

The video was shot by Howie Shia and edited by Leo Shia. We really like these guys!

There is more on our website too. It is being launched with our new Cd (on itunes and in stores!) on Monday Nov 9.

Take a peak now or then at So Long Seven's website.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So Long Seven; up and running (almost)

These are exciting times. Yes, I love the beginning of the NHL season but that is not what I am referring to. (Go Leafs go!)

I love having a new record to share with the world. This is my 8th record. (I have taken to calling it MY record in hopes that the other guys in this musical collective will do the same. Own it!)

Not only is the record going to be released in CD and digital form early in November but we are starting to share it with all the great Canadian music festivals that we want to play at this summer.

When I was a young man I remember thinking that I would continue to make a new recording every year or two for the rest of my life. Well, things change. It has been quite a while since my last CD; Banjo Hockey was released on Vancouver's Black Hen Records. That band; the Tim Posgate Hornband is something I will always cherish. Such great memories (ten years worth!) including two records and touring internationally with the legendary tuba player Howard Johnson.

Now the focus of my musical life is So Long Seven. This band has had an unusual birth and then slow graduation towards being a toddler (?) We were originally called The Oolong 7 (for a couple years). It was led by our friend, fiddler Jaime McClyment. At a certain point Jaime decided he wasn't interested in being part of this ensemble any more.

We slowed to a halt. Talked. Jammed. Thought some more. Finally Ravi Naimpally our fantastic tabla player heard a young violinist named William Lamoureux playing at the Rex. We asked William to join us on our recording session as a special guest on half of the tracks. By the time we finished recording and playing a show together with him we all knew that he was the right person to make the group a quartet again.

Choosing a band name took us forever. There was a somewhat funny moment when we found out that Jaime was leaving the group someone said aloud; "So Long Seven!" There we were. Here we are.

Here is a little taste of our new CD; So Long Seven. This is called Elk Fable C (thanks to Scott Thompson for helping me name this one!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

website under construction

Have you ended up here because my website is under construction? Sorry about that. It may be a while until I get that up and running again. It was hacked and I need to recreate most of the content from scratch.

I look forward to having a new website someday however there is a lot on the stove right now. Most of my energy is going into this new recording from our group So Long Seven. (we need a website for that too!)

Until then, I hope you can catch up with my on twitter @tposgate, instagram or facebook. I will even try to blog a little right here occasionally.


Tuesday, September 08, 2015

banjo/hockey/punk poet/tranzac...


My kids are back to school today so I am taking a minute to send out some info to my peeps. (that's you)

It has been a fun musical summer here on Shaw St. and all the other fun locales. Lots of music being made including a couple new records to watch for. Shannon Hoff's Don't Worry Darlin was in the studio for two days and that was a lot of fun. Also So Long Seven (Ravi Naimpally, Neil Hendry, William Lamoureux and t.p.) recorded  and we are mixing it right now hoping to share it with you soon. 

This week you can hear my playing guitar at the Tranzac with Collette Savard on Thursday night Sept 10 at 10 pm. **

Playing banjo and guitar with the Cluttertones at the Tranzac Friday night Sept 11 at 10pm. 

Friday September 18 you can hear myself and William Lamoureux (So Long Seven) perform some Guess Who classics with lots of other great local performers at Hugh's Room. 

** Another detail about  Thursday is that Ronley Teper's Lipliners are opening for Dr.Cooper Clarke a legendary punk poet from the 70's Thursday Sept 10 at the Garrison on Dundas. (I am lined up to join the Lips but it is going to tight getting there before they start and leaving for my monthly show with Collette Savard at the Tranzac...tricky AND exciting)
For those of you who like hockey and music; next week is the start of my fourth season of teaching Women's hockey at the Joy of Hockey. Drop me a line if you want more info. 


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