Thursday, September 13, 2007

I was happy to walk into the Linuxcaffe this morning and find that they are charging people for the cup if they take out their coffee. This has bothered me forever...people who do this five days a week, sometimes with styrofoam cups...very cool guys!

Had a banjo meltdown yesterday; after getting a bit of a setup done on my new banjo, I came home and it sounded like crap!

Tried tinkering a bit but couldn't do much. Took it to the Silver Dollar last night where I go almost every Wednesday to hear bluegrass and Chris Quinn fixed it for me. It was a bit embarrassing though as it was just the pickup touch the head of the banjo...ooops.

Anyways, Chris set it up again, tuned the head etc. and proceeded to play it for the whole second set with the band...he sounded great as always but I was very happy to hear my banjo also sounding great!

Today the 5.5 hours of sleep doesn't feel like it was enough...more coffee.


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