Saturday, February 04, 2006

I guess I should add; Booking a jazz club into the description of what I talk about here in my little blog. Just a reminder to those of you who don't know; I DO NOT accept unsolicited Cds. If you want to send me an mp3 or a link to your music online that is fine. (I have way too many Cds for our little house as it is!)

My sister reminded me the other day that I should sell some books and Cds. (ethically some would suggest that I am hurting the industries by doing this...does this mean the days of garage sales are no longer pc?)

Did I mention that the Red Guitar's artist from this past Thursday and Friday were on the cover of Now Magazine. Nice treat for the club. (thanks to Tim Perlich)

Anthony Michelli reminded me yesterday that he and I and Rob Clutton played New Years with her in Hamilton ten years ago. I totally forgot about that gig. (I am quite happy to not play clubs on New Years any more)

I remember thinking she was a good singer back then.


Friday, February 03, 2006

I thought this was an amusing little story from my day so far:

This morning as I entered the hockey rink with my son Dylan (he had the mis-fortune of having a PD day on my regular hockey day) I saw Much Music doing a photo shoot of some VJ or musician pretending that they were playing hockey....anyways, I spoke up and told the people doing the shoot that in a few minutes they could also shoot our weekly "jazz hockey game". I said something like" you can see some of Canada's top jazz artists playing hockey together...."

So, a few minutes later I am on the farside of the room in my underwear, and jockstrap (i know....too many details) and I notice that a woman from Much Music knocks at the door and wants to know more about our game. Before I could put some clothes on or get involved the guys basically told her to get lost. Then the jokes broke out in the room like..."How much does it pay?..." "hahah...Much Music...hahaha"

It is no big deal but it is symbolic of how Canadian jazz musicians (especially your typical sidemen) really don't have any idea how hard the leaders of their bands, the agents, publicists and record companies have to work to get any attention, in order to be successful and in the end be able to pay the musicians a decent wage. (the same people will be complaining about how poorly certain gigs pay!)

Oh well, no jazz hockey on Much Music this week. Maybe we can get them out to cover our last game of the year; the annual Mingus Cup!


Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am in one of those moods where I am so excited about life, making art, the world etc. (can you use etc. after you said "the world?") I get so excited, I almost forget to breath (easily forget to eat)

I had breakfast at the Linux cafe on Harbord. Cool place, will go back often.

Had a great walk to and from the OAC (forgot to sign my grant application...oops) This day is reminding me that I am in a bit of a geographic rut. I have so little time to work and create and practise that all my spare time is spent at home doing just that. This walk opened my eyes to so many things and gave me many ideas.

i am really excited about Ben Grossman(Hurdy Gurdy player) coming over soon to rehearse for our March 1 concert at the York University Art Gallery. (the Fiona Tan show on there right now looks really good!)

Can't blog anymore, gotta go!!
p.s. Diana Panton is not only on the cover of Now Magazine today but also at the Red Guitar tonight and tommorrow with Don Thompson.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ahhh...Yoga. Feels so good. I missed it and outdoor hockey last week due to kids colds and the weather and I really missed them.

This morning I put on an old tape of my Mit Trio playing in Edmonton with Lina asa special guest. I really liked it. There is something special about the urgency of the music. We were going across the country in a van, listening to each show the next morning as we drove on and it was pretty fun! I am not too happy with the way I was playing in l997 but the overall concept is pretty good and the energy is right up there.

I miss those days. Need to figure out a way to get that back. I don't think it is the same as three top players getting together for a pickup gig at a club. That can be good in the right situation witht the right folks but I really like the "real band" idea.

Watch out for those guys; Ilios Steryannis, drums and Dane Wedderburn on electric bass. You can hear them on my Cd that is called Mit. (for sale at

see ya,
tim posgate

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Today was a bit of a weird day. Sometimes those are the best eh? I have to confess, I was a little slow and tired after having too much fun at the hockey game and out at the clubs last night. Great seats at the Leaf game...front row greens (thanks Nick!!) and it is raining like crazy here in Toronto today. So...I didn't get to play my usual outdoor, Sunday shinny game. This was a bummer of a way to start the day. We finally got out of the house with three umbrellas and three boys (including myself) and made our way to the AGO. It was really fun and Kim Adam's Dragon Wagon becomes a veritable kids art-playground on weekends these days.

I am watching Grizzly Man (Werner Herzog) as I type so sorry if it is a bit unfocused. It is not really drawing me in (as you could guess by me blogging while watching) so I hope to turn on Jazzbeat at llpm to hear Siena Dahelen (sp?) she is a good singer and jazz composer.

Today I am remined (as it wasn't always an easy day with the kids) that Julie and I have not been away (together) from our kids since Dylan was born...almost 7 years. (I think we are due) It feels like we need a short break...not sure what, not sure where but...

Interesting hearing the Vandermark 5 and then the Mike Murley band at the Rex. Two really good bands, lots of differences and lots of similarities.

Damn, this movie is growing on me...I hate the committment of time you have to make sometimes to watch a movie. I was hoping to do a little editing from my last trio gig or learn how to use the video part of my digital camera.

Nights like this I hear my friend Rob's voice in my head when I say I didn't get anything done tonight (ie practising, composing, booking gigs etc.) Rob will remind me that this kind of R and D is part of my job as an artist.

p.s. it just occurred to me that this movie is VERY blog-like.

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