Friday, January 20, 2006

You know you are a hedonist when you have to spend a long day of travelling two ways to a very sad funeral for your Uncle and you are spending a lot of time preparing Cds to bring. (i feel a little weird about it...especially writing about it)

It will be a very sad day up in Meeford (sp?) as my Uncle Ron McKeown (my Mom's Brother) died in a car crash in a snow storm this week.

I think rather than talk about how sad I am and what a day it will be I will avoid the topic and tell you the cds I just packed. (I realize this is pretty weird but perhaps it shows that this blog is not really a place to really deep, heartfelt I still keep a bit of a personal journal too)

Ok, Here goes (six hours of driving with my brother...making sure I choose things he likes too)

Veda Hille
Doug Cox
Waterson Mcarthy
Neil Young
Taylor Savvy Mix
Johnny Cash
Steely Dan
Sonny Rollins
Blind Willie Johnson
Skip James
Jim Guthrie
Hockey Hits
Howlin Wolf
David Grisman

roots music is totally the way to go when your tastes are kind of different. I hope this partly made up for all the top ten lists I promised at the turn of the Calendar. (ooops)
p.s. I had a great night out at the play "Your's To Break" and at the RG last night...details to follow when I get back.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I am listening to myself play some slide guitar on a recording I made yesterday. Hmmm....not as good as I thought it was at the time. This is a good thing though. I am going to have an early lunch and head downstairs to the guitar and try again.

At least I am not in a slump like the Leafs. Ouch...we really need some of our injured players to come back. Especially Mcabe. I wonder if he will go to the Olympics if he really needs the time off to heal some wounds. Bad timing eh Brian (I have heard he reads my blog...ok, just joking.)

I am hoping to get down to Pass Muraille tonight to hear my pal Rob Clutton with Alan Cole and Rick Sacks in Fides Krucker's "boxing/erotic mini opera"...Those are my words. I will report back tommorrow. (also hoping to head up to the Red Guitar

after to hear David Occhipinti's group play some new music he has written)


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am so pumped about playing slide guitar! No wonder I never sounded too good at it; I added one of those "fake nuts" to may strat which raises the strings about half an inch. Wow....what a blast.

Maybe I am a little overconfident after my first day of working at it but I feel like I am going to be able to play almost anything that I could normally do on a guitar. (sure some would say that's not much! haha)

Now I am racking my brain to think of some good slide guitar records I have...

It really makes me think about giving up (for now) on the lap steel which is like a whole new instrument. (some will be happy..haha)


I am listening to the recording of our gig from Friday at the Red Guitar. I really like it. (I had doubts before now)

It reminds me of something Scottish visual artist Andy Goldsworthy talked about in his documentary. He is very aware of the work of artists that came before him and how nothing he does is truly original. Each piece I listen to reminds me of other music from the past (both recent and from way back). I really like our sound. I think it is exciting and there is a lot of attention to detail and it is quite unpredictable at times. (all the things I like in music)

The only thing that makes it truly unique is the individuality that all artists have. (we are all different people, no?) There is no other group made up of just Jean, Evan and myself.

Now we just need more gigs!...hmmm...where else can we play?


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I do a little yoga and then I start taking myself a little too seriously. Ok, not really but I am listening to some serious music that I got in the mail today. (thanks to Rainer and Ganesh!) They sent me their new, unreleased duo Cd of percussion and prepared guitar called Up North.

Well, this whole meditative type day has got to stop as Leo I need to go pick up Dylan at school and then get some dinner going so I can teach a little and then make a safe landing just in time to watch the Leafs beat up on the Avalanche (gotta like those later, western games!)

over and out,

Monday, January 16, 2006

Rented a couple good DVDs tonight; a Salvodore Dali documentary and a Guy Madden film called Careful. Julie and I watched the Dali film. Really good. He was such a freak. Great interviews with him and some of his peers. It was a good reminder of how small most of his famous paintings were. He painted large paintings closer to the end of his life.

It was a bit of a road movie with great footage of NY, Spain and Florida.

A little Dali trivia for you. He did a Rolaids commercial late in his life. Pretty wild commercial. He also did a chocolate commercial which I think I had seen before.

I think the greatest impression the film left on me was Dali talking about how an artist should not be hidden away in his studio but out enjoying and checking out the world.

p.s. I just spoke with Corry at the Red Guitar and all three nights of the Guitar Series were sold out. Very cool.

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