Saturday, November 19, 2005

These fools are trying to expand the Island airport again!

this time there is talk of increasing traffic by 3000% Yes 3000!!

there is an important meeting on Tuesday Nov 22 at 7pm at the Radisson Admiral Hotel, Salon A
249 Queen's Quay West (south side of QEW, between Bay and Spadina)

Make sure you at least sign the petition here.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

last minute reminder of a good gig tonight (thurs) at the Now Lounge on Church st.

Tony Wilson Band
great composer, guitarist bandleader, improviser featuring Jesse Zubot among others.

If all goes well I might see you there.

p.s. check out the review in last Saturday's Globe of the this band.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

communication is such an interesting thing. With my new part time job as booking agent for the jazz club the Red Guitar I am reminded of that even more often.

For example, I have been trying to reach two musicians that live here in Toronto by phone and email now for days. At least one of them I am sure is in town. It is not that I am going to offer them the holy grail when I get hold of them or anything but knowing that they are working, local musicians I wonder how much work they lose by not getting or not returning their messages. One of them I spent days just finding out how to contact them. (ie. don't you think it would at least make sense to have your email address if not your phone number on your website!!??)

that's all, that's it.
416 530-0688

Monday, November 14, 2005

It must have been Dad's day at the park today. Leo and I were out at Trinity Bellwoods park enjoying this beautiful November weather with an interesting group of people.

I found it quite amusing to be playing in the sandbox with two other Dad's who both make more in a day as artists than I do in a year.

One was a member of one of Canada's biggest rock bands and the other a very succesful writer of espionage fiction novels.

The cool part was that we were all very unimportant there in the sandbox with our little ones, often taking orders from the ones who are really the boss. Also, nice to see that none of us have let our success go to our heads as these guys were some of the friendliest folks I had ever met. (nice kids too!)


Sunday, November 13, 2005

I feel a little better today after having a good long (rare) discussion with my wife. Yes, we actually had one less kid here this morning today thanks to a sleep over.

She made me realise that I need to take stock of my life. Okay, maybe that is a bit of a heavy way to say that I need a plan. I really don't know what I think I will be doing or want to be doing in ten years. This is pretty important (wouldn't you say?) especially with my 40th birthday coming up next year. I don't think I am making any major changes but I do have some things to think know.....Toronto...Copenhagen....Berlin? Jazz guitarist....male stripper....hahah....sorry.

so that is the plan: Make a plan. It will take a while of course. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully not another reason to get back into procrastinating. Not an option now anyways...way too much to do in the next week or so!!

btw, I am listening to Faith No More on my itunes...pretty cool. Two of my students are really into these guys.


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