Friday, October 14, 2005

A little sluggish this morning. Might be the late night at the corner pub and up early with the kids trick. I always wonder if it is just better to have a quick nap. (not really possible with only 5 or so hours to the day before picking up the kids and so much to do)

No regrets though. Fun to hang with Andrew and bumping into and chatting with Michelle Rumball for quite a while. She is a lot of fun to be around!

What was the name of that website she mentioned to hook up with film people for our original music...? Maybe she will email me and tell me....

I am sad that the Leafs are not on TV tonight but it is meant to be as my pal Sandy visits from Ottawa and we can hang and chat and not be distracted by my nasty hockey habit. nap?..........


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Exciting news...our friend Howard Johnson is in town recording with Jane Bunnett. I just spoke with him and he says he will probably come down to the Red Guitar on Saturday and sit in with Jazzstory. That will be fun!


It is time to send in my new Cd for the jury to decide if I am eligbible for a Juno nomination. Yes, I have been through this process six times now (and sadly...never been nominated). I guess that means I have invested approximately $450 (not including the cost of all the Cds I have to give them, or the time it takes to apply) in application fees.

It is too bad that we were not able to do more of Canada this summer as part of our Canada and Scandinavian summer tour with Howard Johnson. I will send out some Cds today to the radio stations out West and East in order to try to get some "last minute" exposure of this Cd which has been such a hit here in Toronto on Jazz FM.

It is unbelievable to me (and others I am sure) that I start my morning off thinking about and working on such things. I suppose I shouldn't be suprised as I chose to start (and continue to run) Guildwood Records more than ten years ago.

Although I do have a silly (hopefully cute) affinity for our version of the Grammys that dates back to watching Rush, Triumph, Kim Mitchell et all on the Juno television broadcast in my early teens I really just continue to work on all these business elements in my day to day life in order to sustain and improve my "career" as a professional creative musician.

As I look back I feel this record might be the first time I ever really "deserved" a nomination. I think I have made a recording that demonstrates some strong composition, guitar playing and band leading on my part. It also happens to be a record that people really like.(which seems to be quite important in competitions like this!)

Time to do the post office work before I squeeze in some practising on my instrument.

p.s. Don't forget to checkout my quartet Jazzstory Saturday night (October 15) at the Red Guitar, 603 Markham St. It is a 9pm start and only a $7 cover.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It is time for a pure hockey post.

Come on, how bout those Leafs! Sure they only have one win but notice that they beat the Flyers who are up there in predictions to win the Cup and went to shootout with the Senators. (who are also predicted to go far in the playoffs) is wrong with the Leafs? Nothing I tell you. You heard it here. We are playing without our leader/top point-getter too! Go Leafs Go!!!

I really like Allison and O'Neil last night. Plus, having a solid backup goalie. Key, for the regular season.


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