Saturday, March 26, 2005

Today I went to the Parents Bookstore on Harbord. I never thought it would be so tricky to buy a book about parenting. Usually, when I buy a book it is something that jumps off the bookstand at me or something recommended by others...but trying to go to a store and research is a little different. I did get sucked in by a title that included the word Canadian. I enjoyed being in that store and look forward to going back another day. I even spoke with the manager about selling my last Cd there, as it features the half hour suite about childbirth, early development etc.

my visit also reminded me to try to get a Cd review in some parenting, midwife magazines etc.


Friday, March 25, 2005

I rarely remember to write about synchronicity. It is part of life that fascinates me. I also feel like it is an important part of who I am. Maybe that is putting it too strongly but it is certainly something I involve myself with almost every day in some capacity. Before my kids attack my laptop...I want to tell you about last night where I played a gig in Burlington, then came back to Toronto to play poker with all my old friends from Burlington.

Immediately when I arrived, all the topics of conversation from earlier in the evening at the gig seemed to play into the poker game somehow. Things like the Tragically Hip, ACDC, .....aahhhh...I am forgetting the others....this always happens with synchronicity...anyways...I started winning right when I arrived. All night, the cards kept coming my way and I was the big winner. It all felt connected somehow....maybe it is better to not record and keep it to yourself as it seems way less interesting now that I am writing it out. Oh well.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

If you are not already a regular reader of the ZOILUS blog then you should check it out to see the great review of Rob Clutton's solo bass Cd.

Carl Wilson, mr. Zoilus, has the most talked about blog out of Toronto that I know about. You can always get interesting and insightful information that usually starts with pop-culture and goes beyond. (he also writes for the Globe)

snow snow snow....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What a great time at the Tranzac last night. I am not sure about this four hours of sleep concept though. Would be fine if I saw a nap in the future sometime...

Rob played a beautiful solo bass set to a sold out room at the Tranny. Great listening audience, most of which stuck around and really appreciated hearing Jazzstory. We had a lot of fun too. I am glad to have such positive feelings about this project right now as I am working getting the logistics together for our next recording.

It is always interesting to maintain the "multiple balls in the air concept" in order to keep oneself busy after the next project, tour etc. ends.

happy spring,


Monday, March 21, 2005

heh bloggers!

I have other things on my mind but here is the info you need. I know it is for those late night folks that keep the bars alive...yes, I am one of them. Hope you can make it!

Toronto, ON,
Tuesday, March 22, 10p.m.
at the TRANZAC
292 Brunswick Ave.
Rob Clutton is releasing his first ever solo double bass recording on the
Rat-drifting recording label. He will play a set of solo double bass
followed by Tim Posgate's Jazzstory including: Lina Allemano (trumpet), Rob
Clutton (bass), Jean Martin (drums), Tim Posgate (guitar).

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