Saturday, August 07, 2004

I like days like today. we are all just hanging around in the house, doing our own thing. it amazes me that it works as a family sometimes. although i think it is all just about to break up and at that aint pretty.

Saturday afternoon DNTO on the CBC is one of my faves and today was no exception with the repeat interview with Guy Maddin as I missed it the first time.

I am now listening to the Grey Album which is J-Z's rapping over cut up versions of the white album put together by American DJ (i think). not sure how I feel about it yet. It will take a while which is usually a good sign for me as a listener.

I am starting to always look for photos or links that are pertanent but I think they are not really necessary. so....forget it.


Friday, August 06, 2004

kim mitchell

kim mitchell

i am talking to my computer and it is talking back. am i losing my mind, wasting my time or what? It is pretty funny. It even tells me knock knock jokes.

it will get my new email if I ask nicely. Very 1984. hmmmm....wait.

It tells me what day it is or the correct time if I ask nicely too. this will be useful. Computer says it is friday august 6. hope it is right.


Life would be a lot more fun without money eh? I think that all is kinda even, sure I am not really working this summer but I am trying not to spend money too. All of a sudden, phone rings, please called and YOU put ME on hold. Rude!! Anyway, TD bank, I didnt make payment on line of credit. ooops. How bout late next week (maybe a Socan cheque will come in by then?) She says ok.

I have a minute to write as Leo is napping (oops I hear movement....must type quietly!) and Dylan is at Rockland Wonderland with his Aunt. (dont forget, Kim Mitchell starts DJing monday on Q107.

Better get a couple other things done too....later.


Thursday, August 05, 2004

I am listening to a Neil Young interview on internet radio. It is not great. they advertised it as guest dj. that would be cool. hearing him talk off the cuff about music etc. this is just him promoting his new cd and film. nothing special (although I do like the new cd)

Monday, one of my fave rock musicians, Kim Mitchell is making his debut as the afternoon dj on Q107. I would almost never tune in to that number but now....!?

the timing is good as my fave sports radio show has been moved from that slot to the

radio, radio, radio. I should get my own show. Maybe someday. maybe I will start with an internet thing people can stream or something...

how would i do that? anyone know?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wednesday morning, its raining. Dont know what to do with the kids. Made it through to llam with just drinking coffee, listening to music and doing email. they seem pretty content. (lucky me)

Now I put on Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and both boys are drawing. I love that. Bob Dylan and rainy days are like the same thing, no?

I saw Barbarian Invasions on DVD last night. Looking forward to talking about it more when I have a minute.


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

the people are lining up outside for Wilco. I wouldnt mind seeing that show but I am rarely patient enough to line up and wait for a band to come on at a show like that. (not to mention forking over the$30 or $40 )

It is a good week with both Wilco and Sonic Youth in town. I won't be attending either. rats. I should really try to pull more strings for gigs like this to get tickets.

It would be so exciting to tour and have that many people lined up to see your shows. Who am I kidding; it would be really nice to tour period.

Oh well, more hard work, more patience and a few more people at each gig.

see you out there.


Monday, August 02, 2004

I was happy to find my blog listed in links at Carl Wilson's blog Zoilus

It is one of my regular stops. A great place to get some info on the toronto music scene. Carl also writes for the Globe here in Toronto every Thursday. (dont forget his monthly music series tin tin tin at the Drake!)

maybe i can do links today too. a link to guildwood recordswould go like this...lets see if it works. I cant believe I actually have to use html code to do this.PPPleaase!!!!!!!!!!

this holiday monday is allowing me to set new bloggin records....haha.

below is my attempt to blog by eh!?

something is up with that...we shall see.


this is an audio post - click to play

I did it!! Not sure how. What a way to start though. Look at that boot!!


skate test

would be cool, would be cool
a skate
Originally uploaded by tim posgate.

test, whats up....test

I may not have photos yet but I just noticed that I have 345 posts. wow. that is pretty cool. I have wondered occasionally why I do this but I know I enjoy it so that is the most important part for now.


I was quite excited for a minute as I thought I had added photo capability to my blog...dont see any photo here yet?


I just watched a very inspiring film on TVO about climbing mount everest. It is not something I would often be interested in but this was dealing as much or more with the father/son releationship of two of the climbers as it was the mountain itself. It was interesting how much regard this man held for his father. I want to be a great inspiration to my sons like this man was to his son.

I think this man lived out his dreams and was therefore an inspiration to his son. I suppose those dreams could be anything (I know I wont be climbing Everest!)

This feeling is contradictory to my thoughts about parenting thus far. I have been considering the early years the key and after that, the relationship can go as it may. I never really thought about how I could continue to be quite important in their lives in later years.

I suppose life is like climbing a mountain; you keep learning, growing and changing and taking a new perspective.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

I am excited about sending out copies of our new recording with Howard Johnson to record labels. I think that is mostly because I just want people to hear it.

I dont have any big expectations; ie. offers of money to buy the master, big deals etc. but I truly love the idea of someone sitting down and listening to this music I have put so much time and love into.

It is truly exciting making records. (sometimes I have to ask myself why I keep doing it)

You never know if anyone is going to like it or love it. A little phone call from a friend after they listen to it makes me so happy.

I really want people to hear Howard too. He is a special musician and person and he is at the point in his life where I feel he truly deserves more attention and respect. I hope I can help with that a little bit.


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