Sunday, July 20, 2014

To Web or not to Web

I am contemplating my future on the web. Ironic as I often try to stay away from screens on Sundays. (just a random day of the week I have chosen to take a break)

My website is temporarily down and I just paid to renew another year of whatever it is they offer me there at my server. (it should be back up by monday)

Do I really need a website? With Facebook, twitter, soundcloud, youtube and all the places you can learn about, listen to or contact me, what am I really achieveing?

I suppose I could catch up with this decade and have more links to buying my music online as a download. However, I know that you first need to drive traffic to your site and THEN there has to be interest in the music before anyone is buying it.

I do think I should modify my site to let people know I am available for doing banjo studio sessions online ie. sending tracks by email.  This has been a fun and rewarding way to make some money playing music in the last couple of years.  I also play guitar (my main instrument) and mandolin and a bit of fiddle.

Of course I will come over to your home studio to do these sessions if you prefer, but I don't think we need my website to make that happen. Do we? Some of my fave artists either don't have websites or have very expired and outdated ones like mine.

I know one thing for sure; If I update my website I am going to learn how to do it on my own this time. I have been threatening to do that for so long I have to get on it.

So....stay tuned at big exciting changes coming. (or not)

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