Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thinking back to my five glorious days in Comox Valley and wondering what everyone is doing in their seperate lives. What is Shamik doing right now (signing more autographs?....haha) Jerry Douglas, Jenniffer Scott...interesting thinking about these peoples day to day lives.

I am excited about taking my boys down to Harbourfront this afternoon to see live Mexican wrestling. They can hardly contain themselves they are so excited which makes me excited too.

Thanks to Peter McPhee for all the great photos from the festival.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I did do a bit of "poser'hoser" action while I was at the Vancouver Island Music Fest. It is hard to let these moments pass when you get to meet people like this. Playing happy birthday at a small party for Arlo was cool and mingling back stage with Del and his band (they are so good!) led me to this pose with him but we almost couldn't find a camera.

After our big mainstage show at the Vancouver Island Music Fest I decided to skip the CD signing as it is usually a bust. There I was backstage having a nice cold beer and Lina Allemano comes running up to me telling me to get my butt over to the tent and says; "there is a big lineup and people are asking where you are."

Of course, this seemed rather surprising but I got excited and left my beer backstage and rushed over. She was right, there was a long! I proceeded to sit down at the same time as the amazing
(he is a human beat-boxer) and immediately I realized that all the beautiful women lined up for autographs were waiting for him. So I did sit there on the far end of the table alone for ten minutes or so and watch him sign peoples CDs, bodies etc. and then I went back and finished my cold beer, in obscurity. We all had a good laugh about it later. Thanks Lina! ha.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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This was a fun concert on Gabriola Island. A great venue, a great sunset and lots of fun people to meet after the show.

thanks Leah and Tina!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a great tour the West Coast Banjo Hockey tour was. So many highlights but the last five days in Comox valley were really special. I am going to keep it brief for now but yesterday the Hornband and I played a 90 minute workshop that turned out to be a concert with Dobro legend Jerry Douglas. It also featured the Mighty Squirrels, Shamik (human beatbox), a russian percussionist named Boris, Rene Worst and Jennifer Scott. What a jam!

Also hung out with and played happy birthday to Arlo Guthrie on the banjo (Jay Burr played tuba) and met the guys in the Del McCoury band (even had to play after them on the same stage...ouch)

The Vancouver Island music festival is a magical festival. I highly recommend buying your tickets now for next year (maybe wait a couple weeks)

does anyone have bootleg of the show we did with Jerry Douglas yesterday? (it was called; All the Crazy People)

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