Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, I confess; I do occasionally google Banjo Hockey. (it is part of my job...give me a break!)

Anyways, look what i came up with today:

Please contact your MP regarding the reversal to the cuts for the Canada Council for the Arts. (see below)
On March 27, Member of Parliament Luc Malo (Bloc Québécois) submitted a
motion (M-297) to the House of Commons, which requests the reinstatement of
federal funding in culture as well as an increase in the budget for the
Canada Council for the Arts. In the coming days, all Members of Parliament
(MPs) will be called upon to vote for or against this motion.

Motion M-297 is expressed in the following manner:

« That, in the opinion of the House, the government should give direct
assistance to artists by increasing the annual budget of the Canada Council
for the Arts to $300 million and should roll back the cuts it announced in
the cultural sector and restore funding for the following programs to their
fiscal 2008-2009 levels: Arts Promotion Program, Trade Routes, National
Training Program for the Film and Video Sector, New Media Research Networks
Fund, Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, Canada Feature Film Fund and
Canadian Music Memories Program. »

Therefore we invite you to write to the MP of your constituency to
recommend that he/she votes in favour of this motion.

As a proposed template, please find attached a letter that you can copy and
send to your MP.
You will find the contact information of all MPs on this webpage:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just had a good coffee hang with my friend, Nadine who is a very successful documentary director. I was reminded how important it is to get out the house and check out what other people are doing with their day. ha!

I was also reminded of the thing that makes me different from my friends who are actors, directors, writers, designers etc. I have to continually return to the basement to practice. This is not the composing or the creating that all of us do but just to continue to strive for the highest level of performance that I can reach on the instruments I play within the limits of my lifestyle etc.

I was a great alley graffiti on the way home that said; "Believe in Yourself!" It too is a good reminder. I have made choices regarding how I raise my children and how much (or little) time I have to do my work and I don't regret them. That doesn't make it easy to find the balance but today; I need to believe in myself.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jazz FM 91.1FM Toronto's all jazz radio station has started playing ECO and City Folk from my new CD Banjo Hockey.

Please contact the music director Brad Barker here
and let him know you want to hear it again! It is unlikely to get high airplay as it doesn't quite fit in to their programming style but I give kudos to Brad for "giving it a shot."


Monday, May 25, 2009

Tonight I found the link for my little piece on Bravo TV about my new CD Banjo Hockey. I am definitely more excited to show you my son Dylan's first gig from this past weekend:

If you still want to see the Bravo spot you can see it here.

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