Friday, February 27, 2009

Here is the note I just sent out to my mailing list. Hope to see some of you blog type folks at these gigs. (looks like a busy and fun couple of months coming up for me!)
We the Shinhackers (Limb Dodgin', Chay N. Sawin and Trucker) sincerely hope you can come out for a fun, crazy (yet early) evening of live Bluegrass on one or all of the Sundays in March at the Gem.

I can promise you, lots of singing, banjo picking, guitar strumming and fine fiddling. Trucker's new song called "You're mean but I'm Meaner" alone is worth the price of admission (even if it is pwyc)

If you are not familiar with Gem then I want to tell you that the food is good and Eddie the owner of the place is a great guy and a lot of fun. The Gem is at 1159 Davenport Rd.

Hope to see you there!
Tim Posgate (for Limb Dodgin')

p.s. I am also excited to be be playing with Rob Clutton's band the Cluttertones on every second Wednesday in March and April at Somewhere There (March 4, 18, April 1,15, 29)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is often the home of stories of synchronicity. Yes, I love synchronicity and early on was led to believe that if you don't enjoy it you are missing one of life's finer gifts. I agree.

Anyhow, as travelled between Nashville and Memphis last weekend on a bus I was thinking about my TA (later a professor) Jim Robbins and his interest, and knowledge of where jazz and country met. All kinds of funky soulful country and jazz music with crazy names like the Skillet Lickers (ha!).

I wish I paid more attention then but look forward to doing some research of my own now. (yes, the banjo is messing with me again)

So, I got a call from an old friend today asking me if I knew Jim Robbins as they had been in touch and might get together to make some music. This is where people often say "small world." Me, I just think it is exciting how things connect and sometimes try to imagine the answer to; why.


Monday, February 23, 2009

I am just in the door from my crazy adventure in Tennessee. I will blog later as the travel day was crazy and I am wiped. Today went bus, plane, shuttle bus, plane, bus, subway streetcar...8.5 hours later...ouch.

Both Memphis and Nashville were great. I really liked the Folk Alliance Conference. Amazing how much good music I heard and interesting people I met.

More tommorrow.

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