Saturday, January 31, 2009

Exciting times for me in my "banjo-life" these days. The Shinhackers are alive and kickin if I do say so myself. We opened for the Lipliners tonight and the feedback was fantastic.

We are playing again Sunday night at 7pm at the Gem on Davenport. Tommorrow I have to get up and coach a hockey game and watch my little guy at hockey school. Then, I rush home to be picked up to play a sold out show opening for the Folk Rock supergroup America in Oakville with the River Pilots.

The Shinhackers are performing again on Thursday night at the Eton on the Danforth at Pape and we have another one coming up on bloor W. so watch here for details.

I was a little lazy on the links here but gotta get some sleep man.

over to you.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh, I did promise some better rink shots. Here are a couple from the first sunny day we had out there.

Fun weekend again. Wow...lotsa hockey. I am glad I only play one game a week myself right now because all the outdoor shinny we play and coaching and both kids etc.

Always look forward to Monday I do. Today is no different. I am back in the studio tonight (sunday) learning some music that I have to play next weekend in a concert setting so here I go.

I am trying to remember at what point I forgot how to relax. Ok, I guess I was relaxing when I watched the third period of the Allstar Game tonight. And those beers and bluegrass earlier tonight were pretty fun too. That is the issue I suppose; keeping busy doing lots of things and getting all ones work done. I guess we all do it.

Life. Fun.

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