Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today as part of a great, free concert series organised by Scott Thomson called Music (in) Galleries I will be performing at 2:30 at the Stephen Bulger Gallery/Camera, 1026 Queen Street West with Victor Bateman.

Victor Bateman is an old friend, a fellow Dad and a long time musical co-worker. Shortly after moving back to Toronto from Montreal I started a new band that featured Victor on electric bass (as well as Andy Milne and Kevin Dempsey). In 1993 we recorded my first Cd called Hoser City. This was followed by my first national tour (mostly on Via rail tranes!) Before that Victor was known for his witty, highly creative writing and bandleading with his band Vektor (I highly recommend their "Best Of" Cd) that was a part of Toronto's Queen Street scene in the 80s.

Victor mangages to play many kinds of music at a high level. Most recently he has become a mainstay in the local improvising scene as well as running a highly successful annual improv workshop. He has also played a lot of Country music and leads one of Toronto's best bands in recent years called Another Country.

Victor Bateman's voice is the real thing! Whether he is singing one of his own songs like "I own a Brownstone" or a Hank Williams favourite it is hard to miss the emotion and beautiful and unique tone that he belts out.

He also has made some fantatstic jazz records both as a leader and sideman and can often be heard playing the acoustic bass at jazz clubs like The Rex. (Hosts the jam at the players party every year!)

Bluegrass is another music that Victor is one of his faves and he plays some bluegrass bass but most recently has become quite a flat picker on the acoustic guitar.

All this to say that I am excited about performing with Victor today and as he continues to grow, change and surprise us all he will be playing electric guitar for our set of music as part of the Music (in) Galleries concert. (I will be playing the 5-string banjo)

Check out the somewhere there website for the list of all the improv sets going from 1-5pm on Queen W. as well as details about the two William Parker solo bass concerts tonight.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I finally got one of mytunes onto the CBC website for then competition for the next Hockey Night in Canada Theme.

It is an excerpt of a rough mix of a tune called The Big Push from our upcoming Hornband Cd and it features Lina Allemano, trumpet, Quinsin Nachoff, tenor sax and Howard Johnson, Baritone Sax.

Please visit it and give a very high rating!! (I will share the winnings...really....really)


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Went to hear some fine bluegrass this morning with Julie and the kids at the Bluegrass Brunch at the Dakota. Dottie Cormier is a great singer and has an excellent band...but, I can't do anything but play the banjo after something like that. Luckily, the kids joined me and we jammed for a while. (nice to finally meet Nichol the banjoist!!)

It really is hard to stop sometimes. There is something about the banjo that is so addictive. I have other work to do on the computer and need to contribute to the "family day" too. If I had an addictive personality I would be in trouble. I did manage to put it down finally a few minutes ago but can't wait to get back to it.

Last nights gig was fun but I need to make sure I have a mic if all the others do from now feels like the banjo is a loud instrument but can't really compete with a PA system.

thanks to all the friends that made it out!

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