Friday, June 06, 2008

I enjoyed the Jamie Lidell concert last night. The Opera House is a fun place to see a show like that. His ability to blend his electronic stuff in the same show as his soul tunes with a fun and funky band kept me interested. The visuals were a big part for sure as they had real-time video editing on a big screen and at times things looked better on the screen than they did right in front of us on the stage. (ie. his tv on his head for the encore looked really great on the big video screen. I suppose it was a bit of a self-reflexive, historical, technological statement ...??..)

Fun to hang out with my friends in the band after too...seeing the inside of their tour bus was kind of cool. Yes, it is true A) I have never been on one before and B) I have always dreamed of touring on one of those and still plan to do it someday asap.

I wish I could have heard Denzal Sinclaire better in the mix as I liked what he added when I could. Both his and Taylor Savvy's vocals were also a really key part of the big sound this band has.

I realized after the show, hanging out in the back that I had played a session with the sax player when I was in Berlin a couple years ago...small world.

Interesting to note that they felt the audience was a bit lack lustre but I felt it was a huge outpouring for a Toronto crowd...I guess it is all relative.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Apologies to anyone that came out to the contact dance jam tonight to hear solo banjo. There was some confusion about the musician-booking and I hope I can return soon on another date. (at least I won't miss any of the hockey game!)


I had a great time playing with the Lipliners last night at the Tranzac. I really wondered if the first gig I did with them was just a special night or beginners luck or something but I think it is just a really fun, musical experience to play with this band (as last night was just as much fun). This morning, while I was rising from a rare chance to sleep in I think I had a bit more insight into what makes it so special.

As a guitar and banjo player I am often in situations, including my own groups where I am performing music that is "instrument-specific". Even though I am always trying to redefine the parts I write or improvise, they are still banjo or guitar-like parts more often than not. In the Lipliners I am part of a section. The whole band is one big section. We are all listening to Ronley and the way she chooses to interpret her song in the moment. When we respond or accompany her it is as a very dynamic collective of musicians forming large sonorities and textures. ie. I am not playing a C chord but part of it while the fiddle player, sampler player etc. are doing the same. This is no big deal for those who play horns or string players etc. as they are always playing in sections and I think I am closer now to knowing how that feels...feels good. fun.

p.s. tonight I am doing one of my fave gigs where I play improvised banjo music for Contact Dancers at the Dovercourt House on Dovercourt just North of Bloor. 7-8pm...(perfect timing to watch the hockey game...yeehah!!)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

so, so, so...last minute but. You late night freaks that have no hockey to watch YOU...should come by the Tranzac and hear Ronley Teper and the Lipliners tonight. We play two sets starting around 1030pm. She is very fun, weird, original and I hear a little Tom Waits and a little Jane Sibbery. (but that is just my opinion...not sure where Ronley's influences com e from)

Tonight I am pickin some banjo and playing some of my stratomaster.

see you there...maybe.
p.s. I gotta go...gotta load up my bike with my amp (on my new amp/bike rack I made on the weekend).

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