Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have a JAZZ gig tonight!! is a bit sad that I have to make a big deal of that but I really haven't been going out and entertaining the local folks with my jazz guitar sounds very often in the last year or so.

I am really looking forward to performing with pianist Steve Koven tonight. Playing duo with a pianist on a grand piano is right up there on my list of favourite things to do. Steve is always fun to be around and brings lots of energy to any gig he is doing.

We are playing at Opal which is on Queen St. between Bathurst and Spadina.

If you want to have a nice dinner or drinks with us we will be there from 7-11pm tonight.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I am feeling guilty for listening to what I am listening is National Jazz photo dayhere in Canada and I am listening to Beethoven and Bluegrass...guilty your honour!

I am obsessed with this new record (very jazz inspired) by the Punch Brothers as well as two records I borrowed (thanks Johan!). One is a live Flat and Scruggs and the other is a Del Mcoury group from the late 90s. Also, after watching the second most recent Coen Brothers film The Man Who Saw Everything (is that really the title?) I was inspired to hear more Beethoven Piano Sonatas and realized I have a box set of Anton Kuerti playing beautiful.

thats all.
p.s. Good luck to all the nominees at the national jazz awards tonight!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Enjoyed watching the Junos tonight. I really don't think I have missed them since I was about 10 years old...okay maybe 15...haha.

Feist was great tonight. So glad to see her get more and more awards, recognition, money....happiness (let's hope)

Her live tune tonight was easily the funkiest, most creative thing on the show...they went for it, they rocked and the crowd responded. I did like Jully Black at the end too and was looking forward to her only because I saw her video earlier on during a commercial break and thought it was quite something.

Seeing Ben Mulroney interview the host; Russell Peters before the show was quite embarrasing, but a typical Canadian thing...he got his name completely wrong...the host of the show (!) and he called him Russell Jones or something. To tell you the truth I had to google his name too even after watching the whole show. This is the Canadian thing though...we don't really HAVE stars or celebrities here!! I have lots of favourite Canadian actors...can I remember their names...NO.

Ok...Anne Murray is a star...but...who else, really...Michael Buble?...I just think we need to find our own way through this whole award thing in our own son Dylan suggested they change the red carpet to a skating rink...I was suggesting give everyone a fishing pole and put them on the side of a lake, see how they do and interview them while they fight for the big pike.

I love Canadian music, Canadian art, Canada, its people, its history, the whole deal...but we DO NOT need to be like Americans to be successful...or to sell records. (not that I know much about selling records)

The tribute to Triumph was cool too as that is roots. I loved those guys with every muscle in my brain and body.

Nice to see banjo player Jayme Stone win Instrumental Recording of the year too. Way to go Jayme.

Go Flames Go!!

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