Wednesday, November 07, 2007

People always say; "what's new?"...I guess this week my answer would be that I discovered two new things. The first thing is the Sunday NY Times. I am so tired of the Globe and Mail. Some of it is fine but I am so dissapointed with the Review (should be a better section and should be called The Arts) Section. I have written numerous letters to the editor and no change (and of course, no repsonses either)

I finally noticed this week that they don't even have an editor for the Review section in the wonder half the articles are bought from other papers, written elsewhere etc.

Anyways, I am digging the Times. It is Wednesday and I still have lots of interesting reading left in this weeks paper. (heck, this morning I even found an article about a guy on a road trip to Kentucky discovering bluegrass and bourbon!)

Also, I have entered the slippery slope that is Facebook. After one night, maybe a couple of hours I have not much interest but numerous people have told me they were suprised I didn't have a page I do.

happy Wednesday,

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I often lead a very typical family-type of weekend and this was no exception. (and I love it!) I coached two hockey games, plus played a road hockey game with the neighborhood kids, went out on some adventures with the boys. (my favourite being our trip to the Mac store followed by checking out the Foggy Hoggtown Boys Foggy Hoggtown Boys at the Brunswick boys especially liked the french fries!)

By the time Sunday roles around, even if I had no gigs and got little or no actual work done; I am still wiped. Now I sit here in the basement, procrastinating by listening to an Albert Ayler collection my pal Dave made for me.

Sometimes I try to rationalize blogging as work but, maybe just barely if at all.

I did want to let you know that I went to see Bruce McDonald's new film; The Tracey Fragments on Friday. It is playing for two weeks at our neighborhood cinema the Royal. I really hope lots of you get out to see it. It is a really good film that splits the difference between art film and an interesting dramatic story of a 15 yr old girls life. The really interesting part is the way that Bruce has chosen to use split and often very splintered screen effects to tell the story.

You can watch a trailer here. Also at that website there is a bunch of the footage he shot for the film available to people if they want to try and use it to make their own version of the film. I wish I wasn't so busy working on my own art or I am sure I would take a crack at a short version. (I have a funny feeling I will have to try something as I am intrigued by the concept...maybe a music video!!)

Hey by the way, how 'bout those Leafs?...sure their record isn't great (YES...they beat Montreal on Saturday!) but how much can you worry about a team that is the top in scoring in the whole league?

Go Leafs Go,

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