Wednesday, November 07, 2007

People always say; "what's new?"...I guess this week my answer would be that I discovered two new things. The first thing is the Sunday NY Times. I am so tired of the Globe and Mail. Some of it is fine but I am so dissapointed with the Review (should be a better section and should be called The Arts) Section. I have written numerous letters to the editor and no change (and of course, no repsonses either)

I finally noticed this week that they don't even have an editor for the Review section in the wonder half the articles are bought from other papers, written elsewhere etc.

Anyways, I am digging the Times. It is Wednesday and I still have lots of interesting reading left in this weeks paper. (heck, this morning I even found an article about a guy on a road trip to Kentucky discovering bluegrass and bourbon!)

Also, I have entered the slippery slope that is Facebook. After one night, maybe a couple of hours I have not much interest but numerous people have told me they were suprised I didn't have a page I do.

happy Wednesday,


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