Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Riff Raft gig was so fun and the place was packed too! Here is a little video excerpt from the show with me, Jordan, Angela and Rachel.

Thanks again to Margaret Christakos for organizing this.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


there is a nice article in the Toronto Star today (besides the misspelling of my do I spell MIS-SPELLING??...)

I am pretty excited about working with 7 poets in one show...I have a number of suprises up my sleeve but I am sure there will be many suprises in store for me too!

Any gig that I carry a banjo, guitar, casio synth and laptop on the TTC is okay with me!

Some of you are thinking; "is he really going to miss the Leaf game...?" Well, yes...I wish I could do both but this will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys...let alone a Leaf game.

Riff Raft
7-10pm tonight (thursday)
cover is PWYC suggested minimum of $5

Trane Studios are on bathurst street just south of Dupont on the west side. (cool vibe at this place too!)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I don't remember ever having to choose between the JUNOs and a big Leaf game like tonight. Both start at 7pm (although I am still confused about the TV coverage of the Junos because of some silly American show with big ratings)

Another reminder that the Junos belong on our national broadcaster the CBC.

Was fun to see the musicians playing the former NHLers on TSN yesterdays in the JUNO cup. Richard Underhill made us jazz musicians proud and it was a fun event that I really hope I get to partake in before my game slows down.

Regardless of all the TV hoopla tonight the thing I really look forward to the most is heading out the door to play ice hockey. Nothing beats it!

tim posgate

If you haven't seen this video I made from my latest Cd I am reposting it here as there is a good article in Saturday's Globe by Lisa Rochon about my favourite part of Quebec City; quartier St. Roch. (unfortunately you have to be an online subscriber to read it online)


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