Thursday, July 06, 2006

Podcast apologies folks!

I have all the recording done but have run into some technical difficulties this time. I don't think I will be able to get it online before I leave for the Vancouver Island Music Fest. (in Comox on Vancouver Island)

I do you want you to know that it will feature an interview I did last night with my pal Rob Clutton and a brief review of Quinsin Nachoff's new Cd Magic Numbers.

Don't forget that Rob Clutton's Guest Artist/curator Thursdays start tonight at 7pm at the Red Guitar (603 Markham St.) here in Toronto with Ronda Rindone's fabulous improvising ensemble called Quorum.
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Help...I am at the new Mac store in the Eaton Center!!!!! Let me credit card is sneaking out of my wallet....aaahhhh!!!! Help!!

I haven't made it past the first 15 feet of the store yet and it is amazing. I could spend the whole afternoon here as Dylan has found a super computer and is online and playing something already.

Must....Go....Home....I am


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hi there, sorry I have been away. I have been off the grid as they say. This has also slowed down the production on my podcast. Rather than continually apologizing for irregular postings and podcasts I will let you know that I plan to put up episode three before I head off to BC this weekend with Howard Johnson and the Hornband.

I have been up in the weird and sometimes wonderful world they call "cottage country"

I could take it or leave it these days but I must say the kids go crazy for it. So...I guess we will try to get up there a few more times this summer. (extra tricky when you don't own a car!)

I guess, now that it is summer holiday for the kids I get to sleep in (in theory) we shall see how that goes tommorrow...think I will hit the hay (as they say...ok...too much "as they say"...)

Big day ahead of us; visit Grandma P (almost 100 yrs old!), Hang with my pal Sandy and her daughter, and then it is off to soccer! (might squeeze in a little world cup viewing too)
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