Thursday, June 29, 2006

hi there,

Three things, (quickly)

1. Shout out and hello to friends in Sweden listening and/or reading! (sorry this weekends podcast will be delay till midweek as I am going out of town but watch for a Rob Clutton interview)

2. Don't forget, friends in Toronto that my Reduction Trio is at the Red Guitar in a few hours....7pm-845pm. (with Dave Clark and Evan Shaw!!)

3. Thanks to Ron Gaskin and CKLN for the tickets I won to the Masada show last night. It was so fantastic. Hearing Joey Baron for just the first twenty minutes was more than enough and the everyone sounded great. Lots of great conduction by Zorn and Dave Douglas playing the Masada songbook (over 100 tunes!?) by memory.

p.s Happy Canada Day!!
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sorry to those who tuned in today and I wasn't there at the beginning or end of the hour as promised.

With college radio you have the best and worst parts of we experienced a bit of both. As the song goes, "You can't have one without the, other."

Thanks to Gaskin for having me. It was brief but fun.

Today is my last day of school (for the kids that is) so I an on a three hour count down...onward to the guitar!)

Good morning folks. Yes it is 7:12am in Toronto. I am up, as usual only half awake. Got to bed at 2am last night.

Wanted to make sure you knew that I was doing a live radio interview on CKLN with Ron Gaskin this morning from 10-11am on CKLN in Toronto today. You can tune in to 88.1FM if you live here or on the internet you can listen HERE!
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Monday, June 26, 2006

My four year old decided he wanted to go back to bed after we took his brother to school. (was I going to stop that?)

So I am enjoying a few minutes of computer work. Heather, my sister emailed me a few seconds ago with great news! She opened a book from her childhood and something of great value fell original, hand drawn copy of Leaf Man!!

I don't think I have ever talked about Leaf Man here before. (in over 800 posts!?) Leaf Man was a comic book character that my childhood friend Gary Sumpter and I invented and we "published" hundreds of these hand drawn comic books with such villains as Grass Man, Crable Apple Man among others.

I remember getting so excited when we would make monster issues with what seemed like 100 pages. I haven't seen one of these comic books in over thirty years (not that I remember anyways)

It has been quite a nostalgic couple of days for Heather and I as she gave me my unbelievable 40th birthday present yesterday too.

It is a book of photos of our family that go back to my birth and up to my mid teens. I wish I could show you the cover...I am wearing my first full Toronto Maple Leafs uniform...looking so proud at 7 years old!

It is such a beautiful book. After converting, cropping etc. all the slides and scanning them she had the book made. (i think it is one of the photo developers that offers this...beautiful)

Thanks Heather!
You are my favourite sister. (now hand over that Leaf Man comic!...)

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