Saturday, April 22, 2006

I have been lucky with colds this year but one has got me now. I wish I had the energy as I want to be at the Red Guitar to hear Corry. Today we got our first pet in the house, a couple gold fish for Dylan's birthday. (I am into it too...thanks Aunt Heather!)

We got him a bike for his birthday. It was fun to shop for, especially as I found one at a little bike shop in our neighbourhood.

I am looking forward to the birthday party tommorrow. I love the fact that we have a magician coming as a suprise, midway through the party. I am also going to get them to jam in the basement and send them all home with Cds of the song in their loot bag!!

Time for my beauty sleep.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I still haven't got a birthday present for the weekend for Dylan but I did get him signed up for a bit of summer fun.

Today is the big day for hockey fans. Playoffs start tonight! I played this morning, pretty fun but didn't have my usual energy as I am a bit under the weather and only got 4 hours sleep. Fun night at the Red Guitar last night with my pal Steve, and hanging with the Koven Trio. Also, Steve and I caught some good short films in the International short film night as part of the Images Festival. (probably my favourite festival here in Toronto....other than the GFoAH of course!)

Check out my performance page for some interesting local gigs I have coming up. I should be adding a couple of fun summer concerts the Hornband is doing with Howard Johnson asap.

stay tuned!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I just wanted to take a time out in this lovely blue sky (yet I am inside working again) day. I am deep in the throws (?) of signing Dylan up for some summer activities. This is completely necessary as at Camp Tim we only drink coffee and listen to records. Yes, he likes this fine but after a couple weeks....

So...I am right on the verge of doing one week of drama, one of tennis and one of arts camp (where he really just plays in the mud all day) All of these are half days and affordable and in walking distance for all of us.

The science behind the planning, signing up etc. is crazy. (way easier to book a Canadian tour...with or without a grant!)

I have to figure one how much we can afford, how much I want him to be with his pals vs meeting new folks and how the heck the signup process works for any of these camps. The internet would be a great resource if everyone would get hip to it but...some people still don't know how to use a phone. (as I discovered in my most recent inquiring call)

Once it is all in place, he will have a blast, I will forget all this craziness and all of us will have a great summer.

Until then, I am going nuts!

I am spending a lot of time trying to configure and learn how to use my new hand held computer. (lifedrive) seems like I can get everything to work once and then that's it. It is like learning how to use a new operating system. It is pretty amazing but still mostly at the frustrating point.

I was pretty pumped when I sent and received some email on it tonight but of course, I could only do it once and now it is not working again. crazy.

too many hours. goodnight.

Monday, April 17, 2006

It was nice to have my brain massaged today for a couple hours. I have been deep in the "kid trenches" for the last couple days as my wife was away. I went to a good lecture/panel about video art. It was part of my favourite annual festival the Images Festival.

It is amazing how everything relates when you hear other artists talk about their work no matter how extremely different the discipline they work in might be.

It got a bit intense for a moment when celebrated Canadian multi media artist Vera Frankel, sitting behind me decided to tell one of the panelists how much she disliked his new film. He was very calm and cool and defended his own work quite well.

I happened to notice that John Oswald will be doing the same talk on Thursday from 3-5pm at the Gladstone Hotel. (these talks are PWYC and feature FREE PUMPKIN PIE!!!)

Check it out! (the Hockey playoffs don't start till Friday so get out there while you can...ahaha)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

This is an Easter hockey post for sure.

My Exclaim cup team, the Victoria Red Lighters didn't make the playoffs just like my Maple Leafs. It was a hard but fun day for hockey yesterday.

The Leafs looked so good against the Senators that I haven't smiled that much in a long time. They nearly pulled it off. It just shows they don't need to start from scratch. There are a lot of good young players there. Since Easter is about rebirth it is a time to look at the future. Who will be our goalie, our coach, our GM? The Leafs entertained me right up to the end and that is all I can ask for really. (okay...another cup in my lifetime will be good)

I wish the Senators fans luck but I would not bet a penny on their first round if I was you. I think Ottawa is a likely sitting duck for just about anyone to upset. If they get past that, they might be okay.

The Exclaim cup just got better and better too. I didn't even get to make any of the parties as I was parenting alone this weekend. The family vibe there is really good. Lots of outdoor road hockey, fun folks hanging out, cool merch and good times.

I met some really nice people and hope to do it again next year!


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