Thursday, April 20, 2006

I just wanted to take a time out in this lovely blue sky (yet I am inside working again) day. I am deep in the throws (?) of signing Dylan up for some summer activities. This is completely necessary as at Camp Tim we only drink coffee and listen to records. Yes, he likes this fine but after a couple weeks....

So...I am right on the verge of doing one week of drama, one of tennis and one of arts camp (where he really just plays in the mud all day) All of these are half days and affordable and in walking distance for all of us.

The science behind the planning, signing up etc. is crazy. (way easier to book a Canadian tour...with or without a grant!)

I have to figure one how much we can afford, how much I want him to be with his pals vs meeting new folks and how the heck the signup process works for any of these camps. The internet would be a great resource if everyone would get hip to it but...some people still don't know how to use a phone. (as I discovered in my most recent inquiring call)

Once it is all in place, he will have a blast, I will forget all this craziness and all of us will have a great summer.

Until then, I am going nuts!


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