Friday, December 30, 2005

Two things on my mind tonight that both really don't have much to do with each other. (although, isn't everything related somehow?)

It occurs to me how much time and energy I spend cleaning up puke, shit, food, garbage, mess and whatever else day in day out. This is one of the parts of parenting that can get a bit tiring. I know it is only a phase but man it can wear you out.

Here is the other weird thing; two big parts of my life put me in a position where I deal with my friends on a "business level". Booking the Red Guitar has forced me to talk about money and business with so many people that I never would have had those type of discussions with before. I think the part that bugs me the most about this is the unspoken (or things spoken when I am not there) things that are said about me or my decisions. I have gotten to a point in my life where I care less about what people think but I am not quite there yet. I know I try my best to be fair, to help the club survive and be honest and communicative with the artists. (especially my friends!)

The other thing is our music school that my wife runs. We are constanly invoicing people who are our friends. It is only a little one seater operation but it is still business.

Oh the life of a freelancer...thats it....just thinking out loud as usual.

Happy New Year,

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

As usual I get a lot of good articles from the Net off of Erg's blog today was no exception as I read a good interview with Don Palmer by Nate Dorward (I guess it was the one that appeared in Coda) and somehow I ended up at the blog of The Bad Pluswhere they tell some great Ornette stories.

I hope I get to hear those guys when they are in town in Feb. I am not totally thrilled about the venue that is chosen for the gig. (oh well)

Oh...that's it for blog life calls.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 are you? Me...? not bad. Actually....few complaints as usual. Life is good. I have had a pleasant and relaxing Christmas. good times, food and drinks with family and friends. The highlight was really a party at John Millards place. (did I blog this already?....hmmm...forget)

anyways, there was a folk choir of friends, lots of great artists singing Christmas songs and great food and children involved in crafts and more...(this was the same choir that inspired me to form a smaller version of the choir and make my Cd "In the Future of Your Dream.")

I am not too inspired to write tonight...sorry. I guess sometimes I just write to keep it movin...ya know?

No matter how good the times are with my family, brother and sister etc. it reminds me that that is not always enough to inspire me to work.

Once again, not always sure what inspires. I did start organizing some thoughts tonight about my January 13 gig at the Red Guitar with Evan Shaw and Jean Martin. I certainly enjoy playing guitar when I have something to "work towards".

Still having trouble uploading photos to my blog from my computer...too bad..this whole digital camera thing is fun!

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