Thursday, September 22, 2005

It is very exciting to live in a City where there are always new guitarists coming onto the scene. Recently there have been a few who are really good, have a lot to say and will be great additions to the world of jazz guitar.
Nate Renner, Christine Bougie and and Matt Stevens are the three that are on my mind today.

Last night I heard Nate leading a group at the Rex and he sounded really good. I am not suprised when I hear young people playilng their instruments well but when they are doing a good job leading a band and playing interesting original music I take notice.

Nate has a lot of energy, great voicings, excellent melodic and rhythmic ideas and even a great sound!
Thanks to him I feel extra inspired today.

Getting these guitarists gigs at the Red Guitar and letting people discover them has been one of the pleasures of my booking job. Don't miss him at the Red Guitar on October 26.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I am listening to a Henry Cow (Fred Friths early instrumental "rock band") in the back yard on my new headphones. wow...I was long overdue getting a new pair. Thanks DAD!!

the benefit was fun and successful at the Red Guitar last night. I played with lots of folks and it was nice to have a casual musical experience there as it is quite a serious, quiet place to play music. It is fun and loose to hang out but something about the stage etc. make it like a little concert hall. (for me anyways!)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Had a lot of fun in Kitchener yesterday. Great to be travelling and performing again with Jazzstory. I have voted this group of the year...sure I am biased..I am enjoying spending less time on the computer. Not enjoying the lack of beer quite as much though. I don't really miss it but it is just one of those things in life that I really love.

Really enjoying reading Space is the Place. (got it from the library) I am excited about the Sun Ra Arkestra coming to my neighbourhood! Lula Lounge in October.

Sun Ra was such an interesting artist. Everything he did had a reason. Even the story of his name is quite interesting. When you read of those folks with such deep concepts in their music it can make one feel a little like "jazz-light".

Back to playing with Leo!!

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