Thursday, August 18, 2005

Here is an early scoop for you serious bloggers!! (btw, dont forget that Rob Clutton and I are performing in duo at the Red Guitar on Wed August 24!!!! 9pm (two sets)

Now the scoop:
Guelph Jazz Fest artists featured at New Toronto Jazz Venue!

The Colonial Tavern, Bourbon Street, Georges Spaghetti House, Top O’ the Senator the Rex Hotel, and now the RED GUITAR! Toronto’s newest Jazz Venue and addition to the cities’ great jazz legacy; the Red Guitar is having the first of its monthly series.

The monthly music series, each with a new theme will happen the second weekend of each month and GUELPH ENCORE is no exception (September 8-11). This series features some of the top billed artists at the world famous Guelph Jazz Festival that happens concurrently in Guelph Ontario. Guelph Encore will feature artists from Toronto, England, Quebec, British Coloumbia and Guelph.

These top avant-garde artiststs include guitarist/composer Rene Lussier, improvising pianist Veryan Weston and saxophonist, avant-garde music icon John Oswald.

The Red Guitar Arthouse Café is located at 603 Markham St. in the heart of Mirvish Village. There is jazz music five nights per week including solo piano Sundays featuring two different pianists each week. Manager and owner of this beautiful new venue is jazz vocalist Corry Sobol.
Guelph Encore Series: four days of avant-garde music from artists featured this year at the world famous Guelph Jazz Festival.

8 John Oswald +2
9 Gordon Michael Allen Trio
10 Rene Lussier /Tony Wilson /Tim Posgate
11 Solo piano Sundays, 9pm John Kameel Farah 1030pm Veryan Weston (London, England)

Guelph Encore Series
The Red Guitar Arthouse Café
September 8-11 (first set 9pm, second set 1030pm)
603 Markham St.
Cover $9

For more information contact: Corry Sobol 416 913-4586

I am more aware these days of the "rejection process" and how it feels and can be taken the wrong way, mistakes made etc. I get so many applications to play at the Red Guitar I don't have time to really check out very much music by people who's music and reputation don't already speak for themselves.

I can totally see now how a record company could overlook signing some of the great projects I have pitched to them over the years! hahah!!

Seriously though, I am completely willing to revisit artists' recordings (online only though!) down the road as I am always changing my mind about music I like, dislike etc. Also....unfortunately I have to hire people who are not only good but who I think will draw a crowd out to my friend's restaurant.

Last night was good. Nick, Andrew and David sounded really good and lots of people there enjoying it.


Monday, August 15, 2005

big new directions in summer; Dylan is at his first day of the one week, Art in the Park. Good for the kids to be apart a little. Crazy and fun weekend; lots of parties (leo turned 3!!) teaching, it in!

The Rob Clutton band at the Red guitar was a great night. Actually the crowd was great, the music was great...I was a little unhappy with my performance. (some of my attention to detail not what I would have liked)

I am glad to have a little time until my next gig...really need to spend some time with the guitar (by myself)...crying leo...says he is hungry...ok...gotta go!


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