Friday, April 08, 2005

dont forget about the benefit for Jean Martin to buy new drums and gear tonight at the Tranzac. 7-9pm. NO music. just a hang. Please no more than $20 and no change.

If you cannot make it you can mail a cheque in Jean Martin's name to my address: 422 Shaw St. Toronto, On, M6J 2X3

see you there!

tranzac is on Brunswick just south of Bloor.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

this is a letter I wrote today to the Globe and Mail.

Today's review section made me proud and excited to be a Canadian artist.

We have Sarah Polley and Don Mckellar standing up for Canadian film and television and James Kudelka pushing the National Ballet in new directions.

I praise Kudelka for his approach and his comments about not going to New York to prove they can do standard repertoire as well as others.

This is an idea that we as artists and art lovers need to embrace; Canada's abilities in producing interesting and unique work.

We don't need to measure up to the United States. We need to create art of high quality that reflects our own experiences.

I hope McKellar and Polley's proposed changes to Canadian content in film and television don't encourage more American type programming that just proves our ability to produce work that echoes our big neighbor.

If the people in charge watch and listen to artists like Polley, McKellar and Kudelka I think we might be in good hands.

Tim Posgate
Guildwood Records
422 Shaw St.
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 2X3
416 530-0688 (my record company) ( blog; over 2000 hits!) (Hornband featuring Howard Johnson) (our annual festival)

I borrowed a mini van from our friends greg and Corry yesterday. I hadn't driven a car in about six months or more. I was a little nervous. Of course this was ridiculous as I was immediatly comfortable and having fun driving around town while listening to the radio. (CIUT fundrasing!)

I think this may be one of the problems with cars and pollution etc. Driving is fun. You have your own personal space, you are in control, you listen to your brought back those deeply driven feelings of car chase movies, Dukes of Hazzard tv shows etc.

What do you think my toys (and my boys) toys were/are. Cars!!!!

this is not something we can change in the near future. no way. but....each one of us that is interested,talks about it etc. can only help.

Sure it's fun but so are lots of things that are bad for you and the environment. Think about it next time you turn the key.

p.s. I still wonder how long we can live without a car but we are still trying to do it. I love it!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Please tune into CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto tonight from 6-8 PM.I will be on the air talking with David Dacks and Sarah Peebles between 6 and 630pm.

These guys are committed to creative, open format radio and they should be celebrated and supported. Please call in and donate to THEIR SHOW for fundraising today.

I do have some problems with the current administration at the station and I dont support their general policies, or way they support their volunteers but I will be there to support DD and SP.

I am pinned with my sick little Leo sleeping on me on the couch, I cant get up and turn off the radio which is way to loud and driving me crazy. Mike Hansen's show ended and I am not in the mood to hear this show that is on now. aaaaaaaaahhh!!!

It was great to hear Jerry Granneli's Sand Dune Reunion cd at the end of Mike's show. Great record. features Ondaatje's Billy the Kid Text.

You can hear them live at this years VTO festival in May (although the details for this year's festival have yet to appear on the website.

Monday, April 04, 2005


murley, originally uploaded by tim posgate.

Mike Murley plays sax in David Braids band. David Braid won a Juno for best contemporary jazz recording. It is getting beyond ridiculous.

Dont get me wrong. I love Murely. Good friend, amazing musician, fellow hockey pal..etc...

But...come on folks; he has been on one of the Juno winning jazz records consistently, every year for at least ten years. It is getting out of hand. (if you ask me)

What is a comparable situation? Other artforms? Other styes of music? Other jazz musicians?

Is it the Caras peoplewho are to blame or is it the artists that cannot find anyone else to play on their records.

I blame both. I might be a bit jealous (as I have never even been nominated) but I really think people need to open their eyes (and ears) and look for some new artists to celebrate. (ironic statement as David Braid is a young jazz pianist himself)

Oh well. Canada, our home and native land true patriot love...

Sunday, April 03, 2005


neil, originally uploaded by tim posgate.

I am dedicating today to the great Neil Young. So sad to read about his surgery for a brain aneurism (sp?)

I worked out in my Neil Young t-shirt today and we are cranking Stars and Bars (thanks Ron!)

He is one artist that truly keeps the integrity level high as he continues to make new records for numerous decades (4??)

I will really miss him on the Junos tonight. Him with Ben Mulroney on the red carpet would have been amazing. Oh well.

Get better Neil!! (apparently he reads my blog..)

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