Saturday, March 05, 2005

some great music down at the Arrayspace last night. We were all really happy with our three guitar and drums band. there is talk of doing it again soon! I quite enjoyed acoustic guitar with my rat pedal.

Joe's group was good too. Modern jazz compositions, lots of energy. Personally, I think they are a bit confused as to whether the group is about improv, composition or what. It has a lot of potential but maybe a bit of streamlining?

the last group was so good! electronics, tape player, grand piano drums. beautiful, lots of listening. Intensity and then subdued beauty. I look forward to hearing them again. this is a group that needs a name! this may have been some of the best Nick Fraser I have ever heard (and he is always good)

I still find it a little weird playing to so few people, especially with so many musicians on the bill. Don't people have friends? (myself included) If everyone there was able to convince one person to come out listening audience would have tripled in size.

It is an interesting thing. It was fun, beautiful, creative....somewhat social...but....

Friday, March 04, 2005

I was going to talk about how great it is to live in a neighbourhood where yesterday I saw one of my fave singer songwriters and seconds later, one of my fave film makers while I burn these cds and wait for my ride to hockey but...

I think I want to talk about the interesting cultures of horn players vs guitar players. It is interesting to me (and I hope to turn this into an essay someday) how guitar players often come out of the garage band tradition where horn player come out of the high school band tradition.

One of the first differences is that us garage guys spent our formative years writing original music and putting up posters. (and dreaming of being famous rockstars but I dont want to go there right now) where the band kids just worked on reading music and had everything done for them regarding their gigs (oh, sure they had to sell oranges door to door to fund the trip to New Orleans...big deal)

This reminds me of something a local writer once said about guitar players being all about publicity (or something along those lines)

more later.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here are the deets on my gig this Friday. Hope to see some of you there!

Leftover Daylight Series in association with arraymusic

Friday, March 4, 2005

i- Aldcroft / Posgate / Perera / Oelrichs
w/ ken aldcroft- guitar, tim posgate- guitar, nilan perera- guitar, jake oelrichs- drums,

ii- Bokker Buckle Band
w/ michael herring- bass, don scott- guitar, joe sorbara- drums

iii- Fraser / Bailey / Davison
w/ nick fraser- drums, jim bailey- electronics, will davison- electronics

arraymusic studio
60 atlantic ave, suite 218

hmmm.. perhaps I need a blogger therapist? I am not sure why I am not getting to my blog much these days. Sure, there is lots to talk about. I must admit I seem to fall asleep unpredictably in the last couple weeks; ie. I missed the Dinner Is Ruined Cd launch on Saturday for that reason. The Cd is great. Checked it out with headphones last night. (just before I fell asleep)

today I am a little frustrated with the lack of phone communication with Europe as I try to get in touch with a few people before 10am our time.

Booking tours is a bit like that; some days are so great and some days are a dud. I suppose I notice it more Wed-Fri as these are my main days where I have time to work on the tour. (oh no...don't kid yourself, I am working on it 24-7 but those are my "kid-free" days where I get five hours uninterupted work time)

My new guilty pleasure is Excel Spreadsheets. thanks to my buddy andy for teaching me over the phone how to set one up for this tour. How did I do it for the last ten years without?

this snow is beautiful but...march? I always remember march (by my birthday anyways) as a time when the streets were nicely clear for premium road hockey. (Dylan never lets me call it that...he always says Driveway Hockey!!)

I am listening to Led Zeppelin on itunes but it is not doing it for me. Not sure what I want. Will head over to the Cd pile and see whats up.

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