Saturday, February 12, 2005

poster bylaw

poster by law
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I strongly disagree with any postering by laws. I partake as one who posters and one who reads posters all the time. I want to know what is going on in my neighbourhood, who lost their cat, who has a gig, who has an art opening, where I can find a good garage sale...

This benefit on friday Feb 18 at Bloor Cinema is a great idea. Benefits toronto public space committee and features Sarah Harmer and Bob Wiseman.

I hope you can attend as my proxy (I have tickets to see pat metheny that night!) and spread the word! I

Friday, February 11, 2005

tommorrow is my Dad's birthday. happy bday Pops!!

It was truly great to play hockey today. After a week of sick kids, missing it last week because of that too...I am getting really excited the more I think about releasing my new Cd with Howard Johnson. I think partly because there is an a station here now that will probably/hopefully embrace the release and play it. that would be nice.

Great article on Ellery Eskelin in the new improv mag...hmm. what is that called again. They were the cover story. I am amazed how much I learn and how inspired I get from reading about other artist's lives. It is funny, that...I mean artists in 1800s find inspiration in other artists personal stories. Where would they hear them? I still get inspired by snow falling in the sunlight or a beautiful Churchbell singing or my kids or whatever but I love reading about other artists lives.

I am going to watch this Charles Bukowski DVD, must return it tommorrow.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


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These guys are doin it. Touring in the US as a large ensemble. Two weeks!! wow. Way to go guys. It is like Duke Ellington or something. Wonder if there are Nojo poker games on the road? Nojo gossip?

They found out they were nominated for a Juno award on first day of their tour too. (gotta like that)

Check these guys out and their U.S itinerary at their website

I would love to see Nojo showcasing the band as individuals too on their website. Who has new records coming out? (Romberg? Clutton?....) individual tours, links to their sites?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It was a good night considering I am having fairly crummy days. (mostly consumed by sick and grumpy kids)

I listened to my new Henry Threadgill disc and watched a movie on CBC by one of my fave directors Peter Lynch (Project Grizzly)

I love the fact that most of my favourite directors live in my city and most of them right in my neighbourhood. This film,A Whale of A Tale was classic Lynch as he travelled North America in search of his own Moby Dick. It was actually a search to find information on a whale bone that was dug up in Harbourfront in the 80s. Great music by Anne Bourne too!

TV is such a wase (especially with hockey on the back burner) but last night I was glad I had cable.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


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I have invented a trophy (see photo) to present to myself for staying focused and being patient.

Listening to our Toronto 24 hour radio jazz station and seeing all the recent nominations for jazz awards has left me feeling a little bit forgotten. But thats okay!! It is good practise in staying focused on the tasks at hand. Creating the best music I know how, and taking care of my family.

My new record with the Hornband will come out soon and it will be my turn to get a little attention (I will probably complain about how busy I am...haha) and all will feel right again and my focus and patience will have paid off.

Glad to see my friend Lina Allemanonominated in the Canadian Independent Music Awards. You can and SHOULD vote for her HERE

Any suggestions for the name of my new virtual trophy?

Sunday, February 06, 2005

damn, I missed the turn to the new day. Now it looks like I missed a day of blogging....its all about cred, my blogging rep down the tubes..haha

It was a pivotal day for me really. Big changes over here in the direction for booking our European tour with Howard Johnson this summer and I took on the full time duties of doing the laundry in the house. (yah...we shall see) I find the connection between the two to be somewhat hilarious. touring the world and the homechores. I wonder if Bill Frissel does his families laundry? Maybe he does.

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