Saturday, August 21, 2004

Great fun at the Array Space last night. Helps to have three bands, two of which are large ensembles in order to have a decent little audience for improvised music. However, dividing the money at the end of the night by twenty five people is a little ridiculous. (Yes, art can be a great hobby!)

I really liked the second group; Shitty Keyboard Collective. I also liked their program, being all new compositions under three minutes by each member. (approx ten)

It made for great listening, including the quick and brief instructions given by most composers out loud before the piece began.

I recorded our set of improv on my computer and look forward to listening to it. I rarely record improv music so this will hopefully be a good learning experience. (mostly comparing my initial memories and feelings about the music with the reallity of what the zeros and ones really are that I have captured)


Thursday, August 19, 2004

These are the details about Friday's gig. Looking forward to it!! I think it starts around 9pm. (I happen to know that the keyboard collective is not playing keyboards tommorrow if that affects your decision to come or not)

Leftover Daylight Series

Friday, August 20, 2004

i- Posgate / Aldcroft / Rindone / Shaw
w/ Tim Posgate- guitar, Ken Aldcroft- guitar/effects, Ronda Rindone- bass
clarinet, , Evan Shaw- alto sax

ii- Myk Freedman's "Shitty Keyboard Collective"

iii- Joe Sorbara's "Pickle Juice Orchestra"

Array Music Studio
60 Atlantic Ave #218

I don't enjoy bad television and I am really picky about the films I watch but wow, am I watching a lot of Olympics. I guess it doesn't help that I am so patriotic. I am also enjoying watching it through my son's eyes.

I do have a hard time with all the ads, same ones again and again...also I really dislike McDonalds commercials.

Ron McLean is really good as always. His ability to make every story personal makes it extra engaging. Ron always does that little extra bit of research to find out a little extra about the Canadian athletes.

the other hosts leave something to be desired if you ask me is really all about the next medal!


p.s. Only two week until world cup!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rats, I forgot to try the "blog by phone" approach while I was away. Oh well. good to have a little holiday from blogland. I know you crazy bloggers out there probably missed my sharp wit and day in day out attention to detail etc....haha

here I am writing and not really in the mood...ho hum. I am a little concerned as my new computer crashed for the first time since I bought it. ( i have had small crashes but this was the first full seize up) I think it was like lovers being away for so long. I got back online etc. and have been going crazy sending, reading crashed. this the beginning of the end?

could be...hope not...well guess it was a tax write off.

I really did tune out of music for a few days while away. Usually I am working on something even if it is just in my mind but this time I really did shut down for a few days.

will be great to play Friday night. I am reading a book on improvisation (ok...I guess I didnt completely shutdown) by Derek Bailey.

I have heard it is a great book. I wouldn't go that far yet. It is interesting and has inspired me to check out more indian and flamenco music. (maybe some greatful dead too!)

I watched American Graffiti while I was away. i remember reading about it in Walter Murch's book but not sure why he mentioned it. It was fun, great music and directed by George Lucas and produced by Coppola.

I think Murch did the sound editing. I did watch it with headphones on and the "soundscape" for this movie was quite interesting as it had a constant drone of radio, background conversation or cars going on.

Chow for now.

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