Friday, July 23, 2004

almost forgot to blog before I head to Quebec for one week.

Funny thing happened today. teaching a grade 7 kid a private lesson and my itunes was acting up. He was so on the case, "yah, dont worry, that happens to mine sometimes too..." I love that.

I forgot to rent a couple dvds for the week (damn), which means I will read more I suppose...remember that concept? reading..

If you are reading this and think you are interested in having your own blog...this is worth reading

I would blog while I am away but i havent taken the time yet to figure out how to reconfigure for the dial up connection. I may try while I am away but I wouldnt bank on it.

You will know if this blog remains the most recent. Still havent picked the cds to bring (yes it does all get redundant with the itunes technology i suppose) as we have more than 24 hours of driving ahead of us in the next six days. I enjoy picking the cds to bring.

anyways, this is bye for now. Hope to back and bloggin in six days.


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

teaching can be fun but not always. the one part I ALWAYS enjoy is the advice I give to kids when they buy their first electric guitar. You know.... hang out at the store, try them all, see what feels good, looks good, sounds good (in that order...haha)

Go back the next day, do it again...etc. Bring an adult when you lay down the cash etc...

It brings back so many memories. The first time I saw my guitar on the shelf, bringing it home....all that stuff! wicked!


tonight I finally got to see Guy Maddin's The Saddest Music in the World. Great Film! I am sure it is my favourite film I have seen by him. The music was fantastic too. Great original score and an interesting and beautiful use of the old song This Song is You.

His use of the grainy b and W film is so well done. It was always fun to look at and quite often funny. It is also timely with the Olympics coming up. It was so funny to be judging musicians from all over the world (with olympic-like commentary) to see who played the saddest music.

All the actors were great, the casting was excellent. Isabella Rosellini with her beer-filled legs was so absurd that it was fantastic even though I had read about it before hand numerous times.

No matter how much you hear about this, you will be suprised. If you like absurd films this is a must see.

Monday, July 19, 2004

apologies for missing a few days...I was away. perhaps I should blog those days in advance?

I had a lot of fun at the Tranzac tonight with Chris Banks and Nick Fraser. Playing with good musicians like those guys who are always willing to take chances and try new things too is always fun.

I was glad to play a new one I wrote for the gig called Alone, alone. I just have worked on it even more. It is good but I could have played it better. Oh well. I think it is a keeper.

The other charts I brought worked well too. They were some of the same things I brought for the Rex guitar series gig.

it is great when musicians that you know and respect show up for gigs. It means a lot! Sorry to them for having to listen to me play banjo...just kidding...It wasnt that bad was it?

rob mosher and ryan driver sat in too. it was just the boost we needed as we collectively worked out our musical strategies on the bandstand as a trio. I am really glad I learned a lot of jazz standards years ago. i dont get to play them very often but they come in handy and I think that harmonic vocabulary is useful for any kind of music.

until tommorrow.

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