Friday, July 23, 2004

almost forgot to blog before I head to Quebec for one week.

Funny thing happened today. teaching a grade 7 kid a private lesson and my itunes was acting up. He was so on the case, "yah, dont worry, that happens to mine sometimes too..." I love that.

I forgot to rent a couple dvds for the week (damn), which means I will read more I suppose...remember that concept? reading..

If you are reading this and think you are interested in having your own blog...this is worth reading

I would blog while I am away but i havent taken the time yet to figure out how to reconfigure for the dial up connection. I may try while I am away but I wouldnt bank on it.

You will know if this blog remains the most recent. Still havent picked the cds to bring (yes it does all get redundant with the itunes technology i suppose) as we have more than 24 hours of driving ahead of us in the next six days. I enjoy picking the cds to bring.

anyways, this is bye for now. Hope to back and bloggin in six days.



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