Saturday, January 03, 2004

I have been going back and listening to some records from a while back by friends of mine. Both involve artists
with the same last name, related yes but I think its a coincidence.

David Occhipinti's Syzygy is a really good record. The writing is unique, thorough and beautiful. The playing by all three musicians is at a really high level.

This record has the potential to be a classic modern jazz-guitar record.

The other CD I have been listening to is NOJO's first from almost ten years ago. This record won a Juno award and now I understand why.

Again, the compositions are all good on this one. Both writers (Neufeld and Michael Occhipinti) have a style
different from the other's.

David Mott conducted on these sessions. Usually anything he is involved in is of high quality. The magical
"Juno magnet" Mike Murley displays his powerful tenor playing on this disc. It is fun to hear him play on
forms and phrases unlike his usual settings.

Props also to Andre White for recording and producing and mastering this one. Some really good sounds
from all the instruments with a nice balance.

Another interesting fact about this record is that it was this group's first. They had been performing together quite often for two years or more. They had workshopped most of these pieces quite a bit (that is if my
memory serves me correct after a couple pints at those Rex gigs!) There was a really nice social scene
surrounding this band too. Perhaps this is inherent in bigband music but I feel it comes across on this recroding.

Anyways, I say; shop Canadian when it comes to Jazz you wont be dissapointed.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Help...I am lost in the holiday fog. Ok, its not that bad i guess. I am back to getting some work done every day.

It makes me feel so good. I do at least three straight hours of composing and I feel way better! I am reading
a book called the the War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It is definitely helping my focus, and get to the pencil
and paper so to speak.

Just watched an interesting DVD called House of Fools. Would have been great had it not been for all the
scenes with Bryan Adams. ( I suppose their relationship to him in Russia is somewhat different than ours)

I am very happy to have my new Cd all finished and pressed. It has been almost three years and I was
starting to wonder if I would get this one done. It is a good feeling but I am also excited about moving forward
on to the next project.

I do need to figure out how to get the new CD "to the people" as I wont be touring this CD. Too big a project
too many people etc.

Watch for CD release party info here though: I am hoping it will be a skating party!! Yahhhh!

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