Saturday, November 08, 2003

REally fun and challenging to play with Roger Turner and Brodie West last night. I think it is the first time
I have ever played a set of music th at is one tune, non stop full out think Cecil Taylor (not me, but Roger...) Would have been nice to have a mic for Brodie.

I look forward to trying that again, there is a lot to learn and will I practise that?

Thursday, November 06, 2003

I love having a blog. Fun wow. I wish I had one with photos. My friend Dave is selling me his used scanner.

wow , that would be fun! Here is my news today...really kinda like a press release. But I am really looking
forward to both of these gigs!!!

Hi there, two exciting gigs to tell you about;

a last minute chain of events will find Brodie West and myself performing Friday night with top British jazz and free-improv drummer Roger Turner. Roger has worked with Evan Parker, Marilyn Crispell and Cecil Taylor among others and is not to be missed!

10pm Tim Posgate/ Brodie West/Roger Turner (UK) &9pm Mirobolus String Trio

Now Lounge 189 Church St, Toronto
Friday Nov. 7, 9:00 pm (Doors open at 8:30) $7.00
Of course don't miss the second night of the Grand Festival of Autumnal Happiness this Monday.

Grand Festival of Autumnal Happiness
Revival (downstairs) 783 College St. (at shaw)

November 10
730 pm Nilan Perera
9pm Tim Posgate and Jazzstory

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

choosing guitars is a funny thing. I have been playing my strat at home lately and really like it again!

I always associate my group Jazzstory with my 175 but I am thinking of only taking my strat for a change.

This is still a week away and things change. I have some other gigs this week so we shall see. I am playing Friday
night at the Now Lounge with Brodie West. We are playing a double bill with an interesting STring Trio.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Tommorow night is the grand festival. Cant wait for the Dinner is ruined. Please call me if you want to
come and are broke. we will let you in for sure!!

see you there.

tim 416 530-0688

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Life can be so exciting. Even in its most tedious forms like reading the Saturday paper on a rainy Sunday
morning. (my poor sister is running a roadrace at the Zoo this morning...go Heath Go!!)

I am excited by the future of the Drake Hotel on Queen. Sounds like a cool future hang for artists.

The Visual arts section looks pretty good today too...havent really dug in yet.

The sports is silly. Why write three articles about the pathetic state of NHL hockey? Personally, I think
hockey has no problems (okay, sure my team lost 7-1 last night...and I watched every painful minute)

If you dont like hockey anymore like many sports media folks, I think you have lost the last little bit
of remaining child like imagination and creativity. Perhaps you should stop watching and read obituaries
or spend time reading stock market reports...Hockey rules!!

I am enjoying the new recording I just received from this summers tour of Jazzstory in Halifax. It leaves
me questioning some of my new compositions but even the process is exhilirating.

Enjoy the rain, drop me a line, let me know about your blog. Ill read it. I promise.

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