Sunday, November 28, 2021

Art and commerce and technology

 Yesterday I went to a friend's art show. They had some beautiful work for sale. Large and smaller paintings. Very well displayed including appropriate stands and lighting to highlight the great colours, form and creativity that was on display. 

I struck a conversation with another good friend regarding the development in online merch sales for bands. This includes the villainous Spotify (I use Spotify every day)  working in tandem with Shopify to allow bands to sell merch without ever having to touch it. ie. someone else makes it, sells it and ships it and then sends you a little money. 

It wasn't lost on me that these two models are almost the opposite of each other. One is all about money and one is all about art, love and people. I don't want to suggest that one is better or anything like that however I do think that both could be more successful if people could keep the two ideas separate. 

Just because you can buy all your Christmas gifts online doesn't mean you should and just because you paint with a brush on canvas doesn't mean that you shouldn't use technology to make money or save money.  That could help you afford your next purchase of painting supplies. 

So, maybe one way of dealing with these fast changing technologies is compartmentalizing. Try to spend a bit of time in both boxes, but stay out of the penalty box ;-)

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