Monday, March 22, 2021

Troublemaker (Aka Rob Clutton) Music of Nick Fraser vol 1.

 Music fans! 

I finally got to hear the new solo bass record by Rob Clutton under his new project name Troublemaker. (I love the name of this project!)

What a great record. If you thought it was Thundercat who was doing the latest most innovative things on the electric bass you must listen to this record. 

The music had me locked-in from top to bottom of the record. Each track so special and unique in its own way. At times I thought Rob was channeling Squarepusher and then Hendrix (on bass!) but Rob is really just being himself; a creative musician with a special and unique approach to music and life. 

The ambiguity of where the composition (of Toronto drummer Nick Fraser) and improvisation occur is an added bonus for my listening experience. 

This record has a great home too on the All-Set Editions label. This is the work of Pete Johnston and you can find many great records on this label. A beautiful CD cover too by Mike Smith. 

I hate to spoil the surprise but the last track is totally worth waiting for. After hearing one of the worlds most creative acoustic bass players do his thing on the electric bass he gives us one live recording of him playing acoustic bass. (if you like that he has a couple solo bass records on the Rat Drifting label)

If you are a bass player or bass music fan this is definitely for you but I also think it goes way beyond being just a solo bass record. It is just good music. 

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