Sunday, March 14, 2021


 Wow, I am such a lucky human being. Even in these strange pandemic times I feel very fortunate. Besides having a roof over my head and a great family I have amazing friends. 

After having an "outdoor" Birthday-brunch with my Sister and brother in law my wife Julie surprised me (!) by inviting over four couples that live in the neighbourhood for an outdoor cocktail hour. We went a little longer than an hour and it was amazing to see people in person. (While sticking to the recommended maximum of 10 people gathering outdoors)

I still love the usual Facebook love that one receives once a year and I read every comment. Thank you! 

I got a small gift in the mail from some of my hockey buddies (didn't find it until today) and a generous gift from my Dad and his wife Susan. Thanks!

I am not sure of the point of this blog post other than to say thank you to all the people that make my life so special. Especially Julie. (she doesn't read my blog) 

I had a nice chat with a couple people yesterday about how much we miss the social part of working. Being on tour, or even just on a gig is always fun. I suppose it is more than ever now as I seem to only work with my friends. I really look forward to seeing all those people in person again soon AND making music for people that want to hear it. Let's go!!

p.s. I actually have a couple gigs in my calendar in the next couple months. Stay tuned!...a duo gig with Andrew Downing and a So Long Seven concert. 

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