Friday, February 12, 2021

Facebook Live: Maple Leafs post-game

 If you read the description I wrote of this blog when I started it a decade or more ago there were promises of hockey writing. I may have let you down. 

Recently I have taken to the airwaves (sort of) and started a tradition of going live on Facebook after the Toronto Maple Leaf games. It wasn't and isn't something I gave much thought to. I felt the urge to do it. I knew that I had a lot of energy post-game and often find myself alone (especially in pandemic times). 

I am hoping that it is something that brings a smile to some faces (maybe even a couple little laughs). 

I do try to watch every Leaf game and have for years. As a matter of fact, on game days it is the first thing I think of when I wake up.  I even managed to watch some or all of most of the games while I was on tour in Europe with Ronley Teper a year ago for five weeks. (have you heard our new single?) Watching hockey on my tiny ipod touch wasn't the best but I was happy to keep up with the boys in blue. 

Anyways, I have chosen a great year to be blabbing about them in public as they are in first place and Auston Matthews (my fave player!) is leading the league in goal scoring. 

I don't consider myself to be a great hockey mind or anything. I can barely remember who is playing on the fourth line some nights. (Not sure why I still remember that Dale McCourt wore number 12 in the 80s) I certainly have my opinions and often joke that the Maple Leafs are probably trolling Facebook looking for people like me with good ideas for their future lines etc. 

It has been fun to connect with some folks during the post-game FB Live that I haven't seen in a while. Some new people that I don't know are tuning in too and that is fun. I love reading and reacting to people's comments. 

I have received some emails with criticism and praise and I appreciate both. 

A few people requested I play some banjo so I started doing that at the end of each show for a quick improvised banjo theme (new one each night!)

 I guess somehow this is all making sense somehow since my first record I ever made as a leader was called Hoser City and many years later I made one called Banjo Hockey

Drop by for some Leaf chat,  post-game on Facebook! 

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