Tuesday, February 26, 2019

upcoming shows! (and excuses for not blogging more often)

Hi again! Each time I think of blogging about something interesting like the similarities between hockey and music or why I think everyone should stop using their cars in Toronto I realize it is time to update my website, send out my (almost) monthly newsletter and share it here on my blog.

So...here it is: (oh...and I forgot to include my gig this coming Saturday night in my birthplace; Hamilton Ontario at the Capital Bar with Ronley Teper!!!!!!)

Hello, friendly listener. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my mini-newsletter.

If you like to go and late during the week and let your hair down (I can't do that last part) I will be at the Cameron House on Queen St. playing banjo with Ronely Teper's Lipliners on Wednesday Feb 27 at 10pm. (the last of our four wednesdays in February...we are rockin!!)

Sunday March 3 I will be at the Monarch Tavern (another cool old venue!) with Bill Westcott's Ragtime Orioles. This is our CD release concert and I am quite fond of the results of this our debut CD. Bill is a monster ragtime and early jazz and blues pianist. We start at 3pm. 

March 14 (the day after my birthday) I will be playing guitar with the excellent folk rock unit called Collette Savard and the Savants at the Tranzac. This is a 10pm show and we play two sets. 

This is real advance notice but I recommend getting your tickets in advance for Andrew Downing/Tim Posgate (that's me) playing cello and banjo duets on April 25 at my fave neighbourhood bookstore Sellers and Newel on College st. You can get tickets at the store reserve by contacting peter on his website. 

Thanks to all of you that came to the Dakota last month to hear So Long Seven. We are hoping to announce our summer touring plans asap. 

See you out there!


p.s. I will soon be announcing the official dates for my summer rockband/hockey camps.  Please tell your friends with kids who like that kind of thing to contact me at tim@guildwoodrecords.com

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