Friday, November 30, 2018

Gibson ES-175

Here I am with our high school rock band; Listen. A great bunch of guys (Steve Patterson, Dean Epifano and Carl Jennings) and we had a lot of fun making music together. We even got to play our local rock bar The Orient Express where I would see my music heroes like Jane Siberry or Kim Mitchell perform.

I am holding my Gibson ES-175 that I bought used from a Trombone player in Toronto (my Dad and I drove in from Burlington).  I think I paid $750. That was a lot of money at the time but I knew it was a good deal. I was so into Steve Howe and Pat Metheny at this point that I had to have one. It is kinda funny that I was playing ZZ Top and Van Halen tunes on it at first.

I have not used it much over the last 5 or 7 years. It is not in as good shape as it was when I bought it. (the archtop is almost flat now) Besides the fact that I play a lot of banjo I also bought a telecaster that I quite like that is really easy to put on my back when I bike to the gig.

This Saturday (Dec 1) I am playing at the Rex with Steve Koven's Project Rex. It is going to be a fun band: Rob Clutton on bass, Matt Brubeck on cello, Sarah Thawer on drums and of course Steve on piano and synth. Good times.

For the first time ever (I have had this guitar for 36 years!) I tried putting flatwound strings on it. Wow. I love it. I love the feel. I love the sound. looks like I will haul this big Gibson box down to the Rex. I guess I will take the ttc unless the weather is perfect.

If you have never been to the Rex you should make the trip someday. It is a special place. A real jazz  club, with a very relaxed vibe but right in the heart of the city on Queen West just west of University.

Yes I may take a few peaks at the tv screen for the first set as the Leafs will be in the third period again the Wild when we hit the stage at 945pm. After that you will have my full attention.

thanks for reading!


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