Monday, March 06, 2017

March Newsletter/tim posgate

Tim Posgate March Newsletter               

Hi everybody!
I do enjoy typing up these little newsletters because it usually means I have some things coming up that I am looking forward to doing. This one is no exception.

If you want to know what is going on this week, I can tell you that I will be playing the Telecaster at the Tranzac on Thursday night, March 9 with the Collette Savard Band. We play her songs, and rock it up pretty good. We go on around 10pm.

Saturday night March 11 I will be in Guelph performing with Andrew Downing (banjo and cello!) at the first ever Guelph Banjo Festival (sold out!)…I will be back a few weeks later…see below.

As per usual most of my time and musical energy goes into working on our band    So Long Seven. There is lots of exciting stuff going on with these guys. We are working on material for our new record that we are recording in June. Also we have a bunch of shows coming up in Toronto and out of town, including a few nice summer festival shows. (yes, summer!!)

March 31 So Long Seven is  performing in Guelph at Silence. This is fun venue and it will be our first time back in Guelph since we performed an outdoor concert at last summer’s Guelph Jazz Festival. Ticket’s are available at the door.

If you live in or near Toronto I hope you can come and hear So Long Seven on Saturday April 8 with special guest Amara Kante at Small World Music. (small soft seat theater right here in my ‘hood) You should be able to buy tickets here soon

Friday April 7 So Long Seven is performing in Hamilton at the Artword Artbar at 8pm. This is our second show at this spot. We like it there. It is a great place to hear music and enjoy a night out. Tickets at the door.

All other info

These are all good ways to keep track of us as there are a few more things that might be announced very soon.

Special note: Andrew Downing and I will also be performing in duo (banjo and cello) on Wednesday April 5, 830pm in Toronto at Sellers and Newel book store. This is our second show there. Very fun and he sells beer, wine and books. I recommend advance tickets.

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