Tuesday, January 17, 2017

15 years at the YMCA

Hi folks,

I was thinking about why I love the Y this morning in the hot tub after my weekly workout.

The location for me is amazing because it is about an 8 minute brisk walk from my front door. However for others it is right on the College street car line or a short walk or run from the Ossington subway station.

I first started going to the Y so that I could have a break from taking care of my kids as I did full-time when they were little. (Julie had a solid, full time job with Teletoon back in the day) It turned out that the Y became a place where we would make friends with others who had kids the same age. Many have remained our good friends still today!

If you are thinking of cancelling your Y membership due to money issues you might want to think about all the good work they do there with your money. The YMCA runs summer camps for kids that can't afford camp, it provides memberships and programs etc. for those who can't afford to be members and more. Also, you may think you will go to the workout machine you have purchased for  the corner of your basement but somehow I doubt it will last. (it rarely does)

Plus, in the basement you don't bump into your friends, you don't get a good warmup and cool down on the the way there and the way home. Also, the more you stay home, the less you can support local cafes etc. If you don't eat at your fave cafe and coffee joint every now and again they won't be there for long. Today I went and saw my friends that run College Falafel and had one of their falafel sandwiches. I ran into my hockey pal Dana and had a great chat about our Maple Leafs while we ate together.

I often see musicians and actors at the our Y. Some of them I know and some of them I don't. Either way I like the feeling of the arts community spilling over to my "gym life."

I am inspired to go back every week mostly because it makes me a better hockey player but I have a few aches and pains from playing instruments (and hockey) and stretching those areas and finishing the morning off in the hot tub is just the right cure.

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