Tuesday, September 08, 2015

banjo/hockey/punk poet/tranzac...


My kids are back to school today so I am taking a minute to send out some info to my peeps. (that's you)

It has been a fun musical summer here on Shaw St. and all the other fun locales. Lots of music being made including a couple new records to watch for. Shannon Hoff's Don't Worry Darlin was in the studio for two days and that was a lot of fun. Also So Long Seven (Ravi Naimpally, Neil Hendry, William Lamoureux and t.p.) recorded  and we are mixing it right now hoping to share it with you soon. 

This week you can hear my playing guitar at the Tranzac with Collette Savard on Thursday night Sept 10 at 10 pm. **

Playing banjo and guitar with the Cluttertones at the Tranzac Friday night Sept 11 at 10pm. 

Friday September 18 you can hear myself and William Lamoureux (So Long Seven) perform some Guess Who classics with lots of other great local performers at Hugh's Room. 

** Another detail about  Thursday is that Ronley Teper's Lipliners are opening for Dr.Cooper Clarke a legendary punk poet from the 70's Thursday Sept 10 at the Garrison on Dundas. (I am lined up to join the Lips but it is going to tight getting there before they start and leaving for my monthly show with Collette Savard at the Tranzac...tricky AND exciting)
For those of you who like hockey and music; next week is the start of my fourth season of teaching Women's hockey at the Joy of Hockey. Drop me a line if you want more info. 


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