Wednesday, September 02, 2015

a new recording!

If I scrolled back through my old blog posts we would have to go pretty far to find one where I was working on a new record of my own.

Today put that little issue to rest as I spent the day editing with my good friend Anthony Michelli (also a great drummer as most of you know). This is the debut record of our group called So Long Seven. It is actually not my group but a collective.

I really just wanted to talk about what a weird little thing that editing is. If someone didnt know much about music, recording etc. they would think we were the weirdest people on the planet. I mean, to sit there looking at a computer screen for hours on end trying to get the banjo to line up with the violin in a perfectly rhythmic unison with a dynamic blend that is aesthetically pleasing....bored yet?

Anyways, all that to say; I really like editing. I like most things about making a new record. You really have to like it as there is rarely a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I am really happy to be recording and mixing with people who are friends too. Just makes sense, but it doesnt always turn out that way.

Last week I was recording with another friend named Shannon Hoff. Her quirky country band full of jazz musicians is always fun and we finally put it to some zeros and ones.

I guess I will have some music for you to hear in the not too distant future. Stay tuned. Go Jays Go. Hockey season is almost here...

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