Monday, June 29, 2015

July Newsletter

Since my website has had a flashback to 2006 and I don't know when I will be rebuilding that sucker; I have been sharing most of my gig info here on my blog. So...welcome.
Tim Posgate’s “You-Snooze-You-Lose”-Newsletter              July 2015

So Long Seven are very excited to announce a last minute gig at Toronto’s infamous jazz club; The Rex! Sunday July 5 at 930 pm So Long Seven (formerly the Oolong 7) will perform with our special guest from Quebec; William Lamoureux on violin.  So Long Seven is Neil Hendry on guitar, Ravi Naimpally on tabla and yours truly on the five-string banjo.
We just finished our first recording (hopefully ready for a fall release) and can’t wait to play all of that music live.  For you!

Lucky me, I will also be at the Rex the night before (Saturday July 4) with Pianist Steve Koven’s group Project Rex. The fantastic lineup that night is Rob Clutton, Anthony Michelli and Dan Bone.  (I will be playing guitar on Saturday)

Thursday July 9, at 10pm at the Tranzac will be my debut with singer songwriter Collette Savard.  She is a lot of fun and I think it will be a really good band too!

You probably already know that I have been a member of Ronley Teper’s Lipliners for quite some time now. Well…now we are going for the big money at the Harbourfront music contest called Soundclash. Saturday July 11 from 5-530pm Bring your whole family and please only clap for the good guys! J

On August 1, The Cluttertones will be taking our show on the road to Montreal. I really hope you can tell all your friends that live there as it is our first time in the big M with the four of us together. We will be performing at La Passe and you can get more info here:

Have you heard the new Cluttertones record Ordinary Joy yet? I encourage you to buy it here, so we have enough money someday to make another one.

Happy summer everyone! (only ten weeks til’ hockey season)
Tim posgate

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