Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Best Camp Ever: Rockband Hockey!

I am excited to announce that I am running The Best Camp Ever: Rockband Hockey this summer. I am not going to make any formal website or anything as this is the first year and we only need six kids to sign up. (starting small)

This will be so much fun and they will learn a lot about music and hockey.

tim posgate

Best Camp Ever: Rockband Hockey!

August 17-21
90 min rockband jam/instruction @ 422 shaw st. (10am-1130am)
120 min lunch/social time/supervised outdoor games etc and ttc to McCormick arena. (1130am-130pm)
90 minute hockey school (including daily shinny game) (130pm-3pm)
3:15pm pickup at arena

we will need 6 kids confirmed before end of June. (I will offer drop-in for the hockey portion for $25/90min session).

So the total is $300 for the week. 

no experience necessary for either part. (bit of skating and music experience will help)

People need to confirm with me by email before July 1. I will need $100 deposit (non-refundable) and the balance of $200 on the first day of camp.

May or may not be important for you to  know that I have been playing music professionally for almost 30 years, recorded 8 of my own CDs and toured clubs and music festivals coast to coast and internationally.  (In addition to 30 years of teaching private music lessons and at least a decade of camp leader experience)

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