Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Posgate Newsletter

Hi there, if you are not on my modest email list you may not have received this:

Hi Folks,
It’s been a long time since we rock ‘n rolled huh? Hopefully things are rockin’ on your end. I have a few fun things coming up so I thought I would send out my very irregular newsletter.
THIS SUNDAY, May 24 is a fun and exciting improvised music workshop that I am teaching at. Before you skip to the next item; you DO NOT NEED TO BE A MUSICIAN or have any experience with improvised music.  This will be a fun place to experiment, make sound, discuss, jam, learn and even give a short performance at the end. (contact me with any questions)
Featuring: Paul Dutton · Pete Johnston · Karen Ng · Tim Posgate
Sunday May 24 2015 · workshops 12pm · performance 7pm
The Tranzac Main Hall · 292 Brunswick
tranzac.org · https://www.facebook.com/events/676309712515704/
contact: rebeccacampbell@sympatico.ca
Workshop: $24 (Proceeds go to Workshop Leader Musicians)

It is always fun to perform with Ronley Teper and the Lipliners. Wednesday May 27 will be no exception when we play everyone’s favourite live music club; The Dakota (Ossington and Dundas) We are playing two sets and if that wasn’t enough our pal, Jaron Freeman-Fox will go on after us with his band The Opposite of Everything.
This just gets better and better because if you are tied up until June you can hear our new trio; So Long Seven at the Tranzac on Wednesday June 3. So Long Seven features Ravi Naimpally on tabla, Neil Hendry on acoustic guitar and myself on the five-string banjo. This will be a fun double-bill with another trio so new that they are “nameless” so far. This trio features Matt Fong on electric guitar, Chris Pruden on analog synth (that has a special name that I forget) and Lorenzo Castelli on drums. These guys are loud, weird and fun…kind of the opposite of So Long Seven (except for the fun part!)
Wednesday June 3, The Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto  
10pm, So Long Seven
11pm, Castelli, Pruden and Fong (maybe you can come and name them!)
If you are still reading (thanks) you may be interested to know that So Long Seven (formerly The Oolong 7) is going into the studio a week after this show to make our first record.  Watch for this to come out sometime when there is NHL hockey on tv (fortunately that is most months of the year) and note that Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar will be in our first video.  –t.p.

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