Thursday, May 22, 2014

People have been asking me of late where they can find out when I am performing.

It is true that with the invention of Facebook I have been much less of a blogger. My website is so old I should just take it down. I think Facebook is probably the best place to find out however I do usually post my monthly (didn├Ęt do one this month) email newsletter here.

I guess I am doing less these days of my own music so I have less promo stuff going on. There are still lots of gigs. ie. Always keeping busy with something .

I am playing the banjo at the Emett Ray Tonight with a fun Country singer named Shannon Hoff. She is also a philosopher and is very shy on stage but a good singer and a really fun person. It is a great band too; Nick Fraser, Chris Banks and Don Scott. (and me)

Please drop me a note if you want to be facebook friends, as I rarely say yes to strangers or send me your email address and I will add you to that list. At twitter I am @tposgate

See you soon.


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